Year of Fear

Sometimes the best things in life are scary.

We spend so much of our lives not living because we are afraid. Scared of what might happen, what people think, or not having enough.

In 2013, I am going to face 12 fears head on and see what happens. Poverty, hunger, failure, loneliness, speaking in public, success…to name a few…

  • What if things change in more than just my life?
  • What if my attempt to live my full life despite the fear impacts the world for the better?
  • What if not accepting a small life creates more life for others?

Each month starting in January, I will be personally tackling a fear and seeing what impact not living my life to avoid that fear has on my life and the world.

What if you joined in?

If you want to live a big, full life and not be stuck in fear, sign up for the Year of Fear newsletter. I will be sending it out through 2013 with challenges, insights, and ways to tackle your fears.

 Year of Fear

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I am doing this thing and it would be fabulous if you came along for the ride.

There is a whole lot more living to do!

What are you afraid of?