Stop Waiting To Be Amazing

I, like 98.73% of women in the western world, struggle with body image.

There is a lie out there that once you hit a certain size, weight, body fat percentage you will be happy. At this state of arrival, the stars align and worlds come together because you are beautiful and the world can see it too.

Horrible lies.

Without the skills of love, self acceptance, and kick arse self esteem the whole world could come to your doorstep and you still wouldn’t be enough.

body image

For the past year, I have been the same exact weight and felt pressure to be thinner, to diet down to 130 pounds and become a lean, mean bodybuilding machine.

All the pressure is self inflicted.

I am healthier, happier, have very few Hashimoto issues, am able to do more, and have a ton more energy at the weight and size that I am. I kill my workouts, eat clean, don’t binge eat, love my business and life’s work, enjoy friends and family, and laugh – what more could a woman want?

Life doesn’t start tomorrow.  

Your life is today; right now and in this moment. If you wait to long to start, life will end before you get to live.

The question isn’t if you’re going to die, rather, are you going to live? Really LIVE?

When you step up to starting line to chase your dreams down there is no weigh in. Nobody but you is going to care your dress and shoe size are the same number. The only thing that matters is that you live out your purpose.

It is time for women to stop waiting for a certain body to be amazing. The world needs all of us in all shapes and sizes to show up and stop listening to the lies we tell ourselves.

You are amazing and fabulous yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Now is the time to live out your purpose on purpose.