Fantabulous Bloggers

I love blogs and I love fitness. Imagine how happy I am when I find these two things together!

Yay for fitness blogs!

Here are the fitness blogs that I read on my iPhone while doing my cardio. They make cardio fly by!

  • Kari – A well oiled Figure machine! She’s getting her pro card this year and is sharing all about what it takes to get it.
  • Faith – The road to serious fitness Texas style! Her heart may quite possibly be bigger than Texas…
  • Tiffany – Paleo eater, Figure Competitor, and a kick in the pants.
  • Susan – Marathon runner, Figure Competitor, mom, and one of the most balanced women I know.
  • Tenecia – Boobs, barbells, and broccoli…the title says it all!
  • Becca – A Canadian, sassy, and fun perspective on competing.
  • Alli – Mom training for her first comp and finding her niche in the fitness industry.
  • Kendra – Fabulous competitor, new blogger, and 8? weeks out from her next show.
  • Julia – Our New Zealand contingency for the Bikini or Bust crew and 2 days out from her show were she is going to clean up!
  • Chantelle – Fellow arctic dweller and fantastic competitor. I have no doubt she’ll be on the cover of Oxygen one of these days rather soon….
  • Carmen – A seasoned competitor that shares the ups and downs of competing.

So what other blogs should I be reading while sitting on the stationary bike at 6:30 am? Perhaps its your blog!

Share your blog and your favorite blogs in the comments below so that we can all have our cardio fly by in the mornings.