Sixteen Trillion Excuses? Why Perspective Matters.

Sixteen trillion is a number that most people in American have probably uttered in the last few months. Heck, I live in Canada and even I have mentioned the ginormous number.

Who knew there were debt clocks?

America is sixteen trillion dollars in the hole.

Last night after fighting my way home through ridiculous amounts of traffic due to snow and people who can’t drive in the snow, we put the news on while making supper.

It is a winter wonderland! Gorgeous and crazy to drive in.

Every single news sound bite was about how horrible the world was, how we are all going to suffer because of America’s debt, and everything is going down the hole. Oh and for good measure, they added that Canada is on the front line of chaos due to America’s sixteen trillion dollars of debt.

After three minutes I looked at Jon, covered my ears, and asked him to make the horribleness stop. We opted to watch some of the women’s events from the Crossfit Games that happened to still be on our PVR.

Joining in the perspective that everything is going to hell in a handbasket doesn’t help.

What you believe about tomorrow shapes how you live today.

Everyone has a personal sixteen trillion ‘something’.

We need to stop bracing ourselves for the worst and then passively allowing it to happen. Life isn’t easy but what you decide about the future, who you are going to be, and what impact you will have tomorrow either creates focus and purpose or passivity and despair today.

  • Decide it is going to change.
  • Get up and get to work.
  • Choose something great.

Some days I don’t want to have hope for tomorrow because today is hard. But I know that tomorrow I will appreciate the hard work and hope of yesterday.

DL happy

There are big, fabulous, and amazing things happening tomorrow. Today is a great day to work hard!

Life is like a lumberyard.

If you look around at all the supplies and wonder how your house is going to be built and don’t start gathering what you have and make a plan, eventually over time the wood will rot. If you choose to look past the pieces, see what is possible, and start building instead of it rotting, it will become a house that keeps you dry.

  • Today matters.

What do you believe about tomorrow? What are you doing today?