Ain’t No Secret I’m an Introvert

I am…wait for it…an introvert.


Ok, so maybe this isn’t a surprise to you. For many years I tried to pretend to be extroverted and never said no to anything and found myself wanting to scream at parties and hide under my desk at work.

Donloree’s personal definition of ‘introvert’ – Fun loving person who thinks deep, laughs until her guts hurt, brings out fully formed ideas to share with people, loves people with abandon, is intensely fabulous, and lives on a pendulum of high intensity action with people to seclusion, reflection and recharge.

I get up really early in the morning because I need time to be alone, think, journal and write and workout. I take time to pour into myself so when I show up in the other parts of my life, which are full of people, I have joy, excitement, and passion to give to people.

I need a decent amount of 'this' in my life. Need, not want. :)

I need a decent amount of ‘this’ in my life. Need, not want.


A passionless Donloree is not a good scene.

I grew up thinking being introverted meant you are lame, boring, and weird. I am neither lame or boring, but I am definitely weird.

  • Nor am I hermit.

There are times when hermit-esque activities are required so I don’t die, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love people. In fact, I truly love people, I just need alone time to keep my love on.

An article on Huffington Post has been floating around Facebook this past week – 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert. It is a pretty decent overview about some of the aspects of being introverted.

Ain't no secret in my life!

Ain’t no secret in my life!

Maybe you’re an introvert too…

If you are, embrace it! Know that you aren’t weird, strange, freakish or anything else just because you need  alone time to recharge.

There are moments when I have to tell my awesome husband, who is an extreme extrovert, that I just need to be alone or I desperately need quiet in order to not implode. He similarly needs us to get out of the house, to go be with loads of people and do a lot of things which involve a lot of people to not implode.

  • After 13 years we are starting to find our rhythm.

Learning about yourself is one of the best things you can do for the people in your life. Knowing what you need and getting it healthy, appropriate ways creates amazing relationships.

Don’t choose the path of implosion. Choose to walk the path of being your amazing self.

What do you need to stay happy and energized? Are you an introvert and you just didn’t know it?