Larabar Limerick Winner Revealed!

No playing favourites.

I am a middle child, which means I think everything should be fair.

Even at the wee age of 5, I came home from Kindergarten with suckers for my big sister and little brother. After all, if I got one they should too!

So how the heck am I supposed to pick a winner of the Great Larabar Limerick Challenge?

Hold a draw – YES!

My inner crafty and fair minded kindergartener got to work straight away.

larabar limerick draw

Eight lucky and lyrical contestants!

And the winner is….

larabar limerick draw


By the way, Sherri’s limerick rocked.

Larabars are yummy
They fill up the rumbly in my tummy
Peanut Butter Cookie makes me swoon
And keeps my spoon
Out of the peanut butter jar
A Larabar for me and one to share with you
And you’ll say they’re yummy too

Sherri, an email from your’s truly and a package from Larabar will both be coming your way shortly. Woot!

Its about to get tasty!!

*chomp* Peanut butter....need I say MORE?!

GOSH, I sure wish I could have won!