No Cruise Control Post Competition

The first car my husband and I had as a couple was a Reliant K. After the steering wheel fell off while we were driving, we started calling it the UN-Reliant K.

Just another ‘once in a lifetime‘ experience…I hope.

Our next car was dubbed the ‘death trap’, and rightfully so. It had a nifty feature where it automatically locked the doors once you drove faster than 5 mph, which is nice if you can unlock the door once its been locked.

The ‘unlockability‘ factor wouldn’t have been too much trouble, except for the fact that the driver’s side window didn’t roll down anymore. Once the window stopped rolling down, you had to barrel roll over the consul and tumble out the passenger side after using the key to unlock that door while sitting on the inside and using the key on the outside of the door.

The air conditioner also crapped out, which made for sauna-esque summer drives when the window doesn’t roll down.

I decided it was a good way to multitask weight loss.

The day I parked downtown while wearing dress and inadvertently went faster than 5 mph in the parkade without holding the lock in the unlock position while shifting gears, paying to get out was more than just a tad awkward. I frightened the man when I pulled the e-brake, did a tumble roll out the passenger side, hopped up, brushed myself off, and presented him with a $20 bill.

At least it had cruise control.

We finally got rid of the death trap and upgraded to a cute hatchback, but no cruise control. Who knew keeping your car going the same speed for long amounts of time could be so complex?

The last time I drove from Edmonton to Calgary, I ranged from 10 under to 30 over the speed limit. Ack!

Dieting for a show is like driving the Death Trap.

  • Its awkward and uncomfortable
  • People wonder what the heck you’re doing
  • Adjustments need to be made
  • There is no slowing you down

Despite all the ridiculousness, you reach your destination at the exact time by sticking to the plan. Your coach sets the speed; you set the cruise, enjoy the ride, and arrive on time. Windows that roll down are merely a luxury at this point.

Then you compete and are suddenly upgraded to a cute, post competition hatchback without cruise control.

Without really noticing, you’re going 30 over the speed limit.

  • Binge eating
  • Post competition blues
  • Feelings of ‘ACK!’
  • Excessive weight gain

Anyone who has done a show knows what I am talking about!

So what’s a girl to do?

Learn to drive her fabulous self where she wants to go without cruise control. Yup, it is a skill that can be learned and my fabulous coach is an expert at it.

Kori is hosting some fabulous teleclasses on all of these things and more.

post comp eating kori

She's smart, awesome, been there, and amazing.

Here are the details:

Learn how to transition smoothly from one prep to the next or from prep to  “real life”. The change in structure can be challenging. Learn the crucial steps for overcoming the negative behaviors associated with the post- competition period.

Register now for the Thu 6/7, 12-1pm ET telecourse with Kori Propst, MS; Perfect Peaking & Diet Doc Mental Edge expert

  • $50 each after June 2
  • Register by June 2 and pay only $35!
  • Sign up for the 3-part series by June 2 and pay only $99.

Includes: Beyond Binge Eating & Mastering your Mindset for Competition

  • Note: additional two telecourses are Wed 7/11/12; 12-1pm ET & Wed 7/25/12; 5-6pm ET 

Fill out the form and start driving your life.

You don’t need cruise control in your cute, post competition hatchback to get where you want to go.

Am I the only one that needed help learning out to drive without cruise?