Bountiful to Pitiful in a Mere 7 Days

Seven days ago my fridge looked like I had stocked up for the Cold War.

That is A LOT of food. The shelves were bowing under the weight all the egg whites, veggies, and fresh fruit.

Donloree's full fridge

Yes...that is 22 cartons of egg whites, or 352 egg whites....and the rest of the fridge is full of veggies and fruits.

That is enough food to keep a small family fed for weeks or apparently one Figure Competitor for seven days. I can’t imagine what it would be like to feed a male bodybuilder! You would have to take a second mortgage out on your house just to keep him fed.

Donloree empty fridge

Heeellllloooo? Anyone home?

Even the crisper drawers are empty!

The milk, yogurt, and tomato juice aren’t even mine. A Figure Competitor cannot live on cucumbers alone!

Do you think its time to invest in another fridge? I mean, going to Costco every seven days is a bit crazy, but if I have an egg fridge that means I would be buying around 75 containers of egg whites at a time.

One pallet of egg whites at checkout number 3!

And how in the world do you make a fridge look good in your living room? Perhaps my one lone plant could disguise it?

I guess I will just have to embrace the fact that Fridays are “Costco Eggstravaganza Day“.

How do you keep all your food for the week fresh?