Planning Faux Pas Or Fabulous Fashion Sense?

Some mornings start out perfect.

Wednesday was the perfect morning. Up at 5:30 am, drinking french press coffee, writing, and then cycling to the office on a beautiful, summer morning.

I couldn’t help by stop and take a picture of the gorgeous morning sky. 

As I was enjoying the view, my biking nemesis pedalled by. The daily chase of the man on the red bike was on. While I nearly caught him on the uphill and was foiled but the changing of traffic light, I had a thought.

I should really keep some work clothes at the office. You know, have a backup outfit or three in case something goes wrong. Yes. I am SO organized. I will do that.

Just moments later, it went wrong.

Pulling my clothes out of my backpack, I had everything but my wraparound blouse. No matter how much I rummaged in the backpack, it was not there.

  • Disaster.

A woman really needs a shirt to get through the day. Especially when she is the HR Manager.

Who talks to the HR Manager about her inappropriateness at the office when it is the HR Manager who is running around with a skin tight bike jersey on or just her bra?


Zipping my sweaty, skin tight bike jersey back on, I hurried to my office to see what my options were. A spring coat was hanging in my wardrobe. It is a funky coat I keep just in case the office is extremely cold. Quickly buttoning up the three massive buttons, I partially unzipped my jersey so it would no longer be visible and tucked the corners under my bra straps for safekeeping.

Not sure if I should put my running shoes on and have a quick jog to the nearby mall, I had a quick confab with the Executive Assistant.

DonloreeSo, I have a personal question to ask you.
Executive AssistantUh, sure?
DonloreeDoes this look like an outfit to you? (small twirl)
Executive AssistantWhat? Yeah … it’s a cute coat. (Pause) What is going on?
DonloreeI forgot my shirt today. Do you think I can wear this all day and get away with it?
Executive Assistant (laughing) – Yes, totally fine. You are always cold in the office. Perhaps your office is extremely cold today? *wink*

Sitting down at my desk, I wondered if people would think it odd that I was wearing a coat when it was going to be nearly 30 degrees outside.

“Nice outfit!”

“Such a cute top!”

“Love the print, where did you get it?”


Apparently I was wearing the best outfit of the day. The compliments kept rolling in and even came the day after.

“I just love your tops. Especially that top you were wearing yesterday. Or was it a coat? Whatever it was, stunning.”

I just laughed and tried not to tell everyone that they were witnessing a massive planning faux pas, not a fabulous fashion choice.

Due to the meeting schedules, there was not time to run the 2 km each way to the mall and try to find, buy, change into an appropriate shirt, and cool down enough not to be pouring sweat during my afternoon meeting with the boss.

Even if I did have time, I am still cut off from running. Re-injuring my hamstring in an effort to be less weird didn’t seem like a good idea. One ridiculous adventure shouldn’t be followed by another, if one can help it.

I rocked the jacket look all day long and applied extra deodorant when it got too hot.

specialized ruby edmonton

Own your weirdness!

After three compliments and five applications of deodorant, I realized no one was the wiser and it seemed I made the right choice to just stay put and pretend I meant to wear the jacket as a top.

Let’s be honest, I am weird, might as well embrace it.

Let’s just say, I am compiling some ‘emergency‘ clothes for the office because I am not sure what I would do if I forgot my pants … and that is not something I want to find out any time soon.

  • Somehow I don’t think I can craft a wrap skirt out of my pashmina and get away with it …

I am simply going to try to keep future adventures to things like biking 50 km after work, hiking to the tops of mountains, and enjoying fabulous corners of the earth.

Anyone else out there found themselves shirtless at the office?