Out Of Our Weakness

When you weight train failure is not avoided, it is sought after and desired. Failure is a signal to the muscle that it needs to grow.

Competitors give their workouts everything they have in order to see growth and results.

Our weaknesses become our strength and power.

I want to be the strongest and most powerful woman that I can be so that I change the world. I’ve realize that this will only happen if I continually push myself past what I thought I was able to do to a point of weakness.

I don’t just want to be a Pro Figure Competitor one day; I want to be a Pro Figure Competitor that is strong in her mind, body, and soul.

Right now I don’t have that much, but if I don’t give life everything I will only get weaker. It’s time to give it all I have and not just at the gym. It’s time to change the world Bikini Or Bust! style. I am going to give out of my weaknesses and watch strength grow and I invite you to do the same.

Living with a dream in your heart with no means to make it a reality is one of the worst feelings in the world. I challenge you to join me in empowering people all over the world with the resources they need to live out their dreams by making yourself a little weaker.

It’s time to give it everything!

Kiva is a micro finance organization that funds entrepreneurs in poverty stricken situations to live out their dream of running their own business and providing for their family.

I have a goal of empowering 5 entrepreneurs in the month of March to live out their dreams and I need your help to do it.

How to be involved will be coming soon. For the time being you can check out the Bikini Or Bust lending page that I set up and the Kiva website to learn more about how micro finance works.

I envision a group of committed and strong competitors that purposefully make themselves weak to build life altering strength in others.

On March 1 we will be pressing the ‘go’ button on Operation Change the World Bikini or Bust Style!

Let’s give until it hurts and then watch the dreams grow and the lives change!