I am SO Busty!

“I am so busty!”

~ exclamation made by your’s truly to her whole company via email circa 2005

Spell check is great at finding misspelled words, but does not help at all with finding words that are spelled correctly but are inappropriately placed.

Seeing how I don’t technically need a bra, I was obviously commenting on the size of my workload and not my chest!

One little letter can make all the difference in the world.

There is a bag of clothes at my house that I have dubbed as my ‘fat girl‘ clothes. These are clothes that literally fell off my body this past fall.

Fat Girl Clothes

What the heck is even in there?

I have been meaning to take them to the consignment store to second hand them. Due to being sick all winter, I never got around to it.

Speaking of ‘busty‘, I’m literally busting out of my current wardrobe.

While driving to my client’s office this morning, I contemplated reclining the seat of my car at red lights in an effort to get the blood circulating to my legs again.


Muffin Top Madness on Aisle 4!

I’m going to use my letter inversion skill to my advantage and change ‘fat‘ to ‘fab‘.

These are my ‘fab girl’ clothes.

3 suits, 4 dresses, 2 pairs of capris, 1 pair of pants, and a few skirts? Yes please!!

Besides, the woman wearing these clothes this spring is a whole different woman than the one that wore them this past fall. She is a woman that is proud of who she is and where she is in the journey.

Being fab is a choice and its one that I am making with my whole heart every single day.

Kenneth cole t-shirt dress

This dress is fabulous in oh so many ways! There is nothing 'fat' about it!

Every time I wear this t-shirt dress I am going to remember how fab I actually am.

Heck, I may just wear it tomorrow!