The Artisan Soul {52 Books}

Your life is meant to be a masterpiece.

You are captivating and most alive when you are who you are, not when you’re trying desperately to be someone else.

We, myself included, often seek to echo someone else or another group in order to stay safe, in order to be accepted. To experience a sense of comfort and ease, yet the feeling only last a moment when you realize in the midst of the echoes you have been lost.


Living a life of art isn’t about seeking acceptance. It is about finding out who you are, what your purpose is, and then living it out with courage.

Finding, using, and developing your voice.

This weekend I am speaking to women about this very thing through the lens of my story. The years I spent living as an echo, striving to be accepted, loved and known. My journey to learning what it means to be an artisan and create a masterpiece out of my life.

Being an echo sounds like a good idea from the outset, but once you start down the slippery slope of trying to be someone else things go wonky really fast.

Shoving yourself into someone else’s mold only damages and breaks things in your soul, spirit, relationships and heart. Losing yourself is losing the most valuable thing you will ever be entrusted with.

You are more valuable than you know.

This week it only made sense to read through Erwin McManus’s new book – The Artisan Soul – after all it is all about what I have been chewing on for the last few years and struggling to put words to.

artisan soul - mcmanus

What would the world look like, how would it be changed, if we all awakened to the call to be an artist? The call to create masterpieces out of our lives?

Provoking and poignant thoughts to muse on…

  • A masterpiece is valuable, an imitation is not. You are original. You are valuable.
  • It takes a lifetime of discipline, work and purposeful action to create a masterpiece. It is not done over a few days, rather all your days.
  • The call of the artisan is to create possibility, not to simply reflect despair. Create a path with your life to lead others to their calling and art, to show them how to find their way for their life.
  • Greatness never emerges outside of hard work. Be disciplined at honing yourself and dig deep.
  • Potential is unharnessed, undisciplined talent. Fully developed, discipline becomes a strength.
  • Artisans translate imagination and dreams into reality.
  • Limitations are often perceptions, not realities – we can either let them restrain or refocus us.

Want to inspire the world? To create a masterpiece with your life?

Be yourself. Do the hard work of learning what it means to be an artisan and work hard every single day at creating art in what you’re doing with your life. Beauty and excellence are developed in the details – day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. It takes a lifetime to complete and the moment to start is now.

paint 2Photo

Vulnerability, heart, determination, strength, love and commitment must be invested. Start investing; your return will be great.

What are you waiting for?
What do you need to stop echoing?
What must you start creating?