Lead yourself, lead your world.

I am passionate about teaching and empowering people to lead themselves so they can start leading the world.

Speaking Topics Include:

Leadership Starts in the Mirror. Impact, success, and growth are all things leaders want more of. Often the lack of results starts with the leader. In order to lead a revolution you have to lead yourself.

  • How are you leading?

The Power of Today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never arrives. Today is all you have to make a difference. Mourning over ‘what used to be’ and passively ‘hoping for a better tomorrow’ does not create the results you want.

  • Where are you going today?

Who You Are Matters; Living Out Loud. Sharing your passions, mistakes, successes, and life with the world as it happens creates more change, growth, and impact than you ever thought possible.

  • What if your failures result in success?

Jumping off the Cliff of Possibility. Often we hide our dreams away, afraid to admit out loud what we truly want out of life. There is only one you and you were created to be and do specific things in life.

  • What if all your dreams are possible? 

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