My Favorite Things

Here are a few things in life that I just love!

Core 360 Bag from Livewell360

I love, love, love my Core bag from Livewell360. I bought it for myself for my birthday and it goes back and forth with me to the gym every single day.

It is sleek, cute as heck, and functional.

Live Well 360 Luxx fitness and yoga bag

They have 3 different bags and they even come in a fabulous eggplant color. I really think I need The Luxx in purple…for all my traveling and whatnot, right?

A Figure Competitor needs to coordinate her outfits, right?

Travel Roller

If you have been wanting to swear more in your life, look no further than the travel roller.

Seriously, its that good.

I have been swearing like a drunken sailor *ahem* rolling with the Travel Roller for awhile now and the increased mobility, recovery, and less pain over all in my life is amazing.

You can also buy acupressure balls that can be stored inside the roller.

travel roller

The Travel Roller is small enough to fit inside your fabulous Livewell360 bag or go on a trip with you and not take up too much room.


What are your favorite things?