If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake To My Funeral

In an effort to get in shape and rid herself of the insidious muffin top, Donloree puts down the cheesecake and picks up a gym membership.

Join in the crazy misadventures as she fights the battle of the bulge and barely lives to tell about it.

Warning: while reading this book, spontaneous laughter may cause tearing of eyes and or slight urination. Keep tissues handy and you may want to wear protective padding just in case.

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Learn important things like:

  • why ski lifts come equipped with safety bars
  • women weren’t created to breathe underwater
  • how to navigate a day in the office after forgetting your bra
  • what to do when everyone else is doing the pretzel handstand
  • zebras can be red and cream, not just black and white
  • how to avoid being swam over by a hoard of men
  • following the rules can help you avoid concussions

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ISBN: 978-0-9879551-04
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Donloree has a such a witty and playful writing style and her sense of humor really shines!

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