I Love Being Right

I love knowing the answer to things, winning, and being right.

It is that OCD part of me that I have channeled into bodybuilding so I can stop torturing the rest of the world with my need to compete and win every time.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

~ Henry Ford

I get to be right all of the time.

Love this.

Suspend your disbelief for a minute.

  • What if this is true?
  • What if it is up to you?
  • What if your impossible is actually possible?

Life isn't about....

You get to be right every day.

Right about how much life sucks, is horrible, isn’t what you expected or how fabulous it is, the amount of amazing people around you, and all the gifts and incredible blessings.

We create our own reality and who we are.

That’s powerful!

There is no ‘what if‘ about it. It is actually all up to you.

So what are you choosing to be right about?