Super Camp, Super Revelation

I was blessed to spend a good chunk of my weekend at the INBF Natural Body Building and Figure Super Camp.

INBF Canada Super Camp

Tons of great information, speakers, and sessions.

It was so much fun to train with Dr. Joe.

I barrage him with emails that would make any man’s head spin; but he takes it like a true champion. It was reassuring to see him in person and affirm that I haven’t killed him…yet.

At these camps you learn so much your head wants to implode; not to mention the free samples, practical tips and hints from the pros, and one on one coaching for posing and training.

My favorite part? The attendees.

I got to hang out with the famous Joe Klemczewski who puts up with all my ridiculousness, ensures I am healthy while dieting, and ensures I still fit into my clothes during the off season, the fabulous pocket-sized Cheryl Glattacker who is a WNBF pro who is blogging now, my gorgeous competition Robyn, Kait who is poised to take over the world of bodybuilding, and many other amazing people on the Natural Bodybuilding scene in Alberta.


While chatting away with a woman that knows me from the YMCA, she asked me an interesting question.

“I thought your health was bothering you…so what are you doing here?”

True story. My health is as wonky as it has ever been. I am all over the map and nothing seems to be doing what it should be in my body, but I just don’t see that as a reason to stop living.

I responded with something like, “Yup. But I still want to be the best me and part of that is being here this weekend.

The question kept running through my heart and head no matter how much I tried to shake it.

I have learned a ton from being sick.

  • Excuses don’t get you where you want to go
  • I am not my body
  • Who I am, not what I look like, matters
  • How to say no to things that are good but not great
  • Some things just don’t matter; like always having a clean house
  • Bad and good both exist; it is my choice what I want to notice and have shape my day
  • Some of the best things come out of the worst times
  • Discipline and good habits are critical to success

I feel like I have been training for a marathon with a parachute strapped to my back. Some moments it is hard to put one foot in front of the other because the drag is so intense.

Running parachute

This is not easy...

One day, very soon, something is going to cause that parachute to come flying off and I am going to run like the strong woman that I have been training to become.

Actually, that I am.

And even if the parachute never gets cut away, at least I know that I can keep going no matter how intense the drag is.

Your mind is more powerful than you know.