How To Combat A Severe Case Of Some Day-itis

There is always tomorrow to do things, right? 

Sure …

If you are anything like me and 99.985824% of people in the world, you have a ‘Some Day List’. The items on this list are the things that you will accomplish one of these days, when you have the time and life affords you the luxury of nothing pressing, emotional space and money to do all the things that you want to do.

  • Stop laughing!

Whether your Some Day List is written down or just in your head, I have no doubt it gets randomly consulted and is rarely prioritized. I know for myself, my Some Day List usually runs through my head when I am overtired and unimpressed with my extremely responsible ways.

Execute on whimsy.

The adult in each of us tends to take over every morning when we wake up and keeps us from throwing caution to the wind and being completely irresponsible, which is good … MOST of the time.

The ying to the to yang of responsibility is whimsy; last minute, not fully formed ideas which involves figuring it out as you go, doing something you don’t know how to do and having all sorts of shapes and sizes of adventures.

Last week on Thursday, it was decided, “Mountains on Friday!” After all, ‘hike to the top of a snowy mountain in winter’ is on my very random list of things I would like to do some day and the weather promised to be glorious. A hotel was booked, skis packed and the gas tanked filled.

Within 53 minutes of finishing all the requirements for my clients, my bags were packed and nothing but the open road laid ahead.

Canmore February

Somehow, being in the middle of nowhere and quasi snowed in was exactly what was required.

Due to the risk of avalanche hiking to the top of a mountain was ruled out. (Note: death by avalanche while hiking to the top of a mountain is not on my Some Day List.)

Even in the summer, it is hard to alpine hike many places in the Rockies, but I was willing to try if the snow pack and conditions aligned because the list of mountains and hikes which need to be explored and summited seems to be never-ending.

Mt Rundle Canmore

The snow was up to mid-calf and made everything stunning. Two days of hiking through forests and trails with views like this was incredibly rejuvenating.

Carpe the snowy diem.

Exploring frozen waterfalls, hiking through snow drifts and x-country skiing on a run that changed on the course from a green run to a blue run without notice filled the weekend. Mountain air, ginormous breakfasts, coffee and belly laughter is just what I needed to remind me that life is happening now, not possibly tomorrow or next year.

Donloree xcountry skiing

Serious?! How does a green run suddenly become blue when there wasn’t a new trail introduced?!? As you can see,it made my brow furrow, but happiness won the day.

I am constantly teased about my organized ways, but as lame as it sounds, it is a good idea to schedule in time to be spontaneous.

Or put it another way which sounds less OCD and is more socially acceptable, be purposeful.

  • However you need to frame it, just do it.

In the midst of my running away for the weekend with only 19 hours of notice given to my real life, I ran across the #SomeDayInFeb Project. Reading through the short front page, I can’t help but agree; life is distracting and spins faster and faster every single year you are alive. It is easy to find time for meaningless things and we rarely make time to do the things that matter, the things we want to talk about when we are old and our brains are trapped in bodies that don’t move like they used to.

Why can’t ‘some day’ be today?

Being the list maker that I am, I sat down and starting capturing the random ideas rolling around in my head. After 12 minutes, my list was growing long and nothing of consequence was really on it. Most of the things on my 12 minute old list simply require action and a few moments of focus to tip my ideas from possibility to reality.

One of these days…

  • Go flamenco dancing in Spain
  • Cycle through through a country in Europe
  • Take a hot air balloon ride (if my fear of heights can handle it …)
  • Drink wine and eat chocolate while star gazing in the middle of the night out past the city limits where the only light is from the moon and the stars
  • Hot yoga
  • Paint something red
  • Complete a big, snowy hike up a mountain
  • Comedy — do stand up
  • Cello lessons
  • Skinny dipping
  • Go on a safari
  • Pet a baby cheetah or lion
  • Hike the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Moab … the list goes on and on …
  • Swim in a tropical waterfall
  • Hug a koala bear
  • Travel to every continent
  • Walk on the Great Wall
  • Publish another book or twelve
  • Let baby turtles go free into the wild
  • Catacomb tour
  • Compete in a mountain bike race
  • Run in a mountain trail race
  • Go caving
  • Move to Europe for a few years
  • Paint a painting and hang it in my house (it has to not be horrible)
  • Spend time in the rainforest
  • Travel – the list of places is endless

Thinking through some of the random ‘some day things’ that I have already done, I smiled and happiness once again won the day.

It is fun to admit to people that I have catered a wedding, am able to do plumbing on weekends and evenings, glued a bedazzle suit to my arse and competed in a bodybuilding show, eaten dinner in India with a tribal family where we used giant leaves for plates, run a few half marathons, published two humorous books and designed and installed a 600 tile backsplash for my kitchen and hand cut every tile … to name a few of the random adventures I have had along the way. Yes, I am completely ridiculous, but ridiculous makes for a fun life.

Who doesn’t want to have more fun in life?!

What do you want to do with a few moments of focus and some good, old fashioned action? What are you doing ‘some day’?

**I apologize for any sideways pictures. “Some day” I might figure out why Wordpress publishes them sideways after I fix them and make them right side up. hah!**


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  1. If we differ, and of course we do, it’s dying in avalanche IS on my someday list. Not avalanche per se, but executing my someday list. That is, if i get taken out on my bike, riding across America, I’m down. If my jet to Iceland crashes, I’m in. And maybe that’s the best frame of mind of all — that to die chasing dreams might be more worthy than death by ordinary means.

    Also, I have bookmarked this. I’m going to check up on you and that list…

    • Die while living a good life – always the way to go. But avalanches will be avoided by your’s truly. 😉
      Perfect, I am on my way to knocking a few of these off in the next little while – stay tuned.
      Have fun storming the castle!

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