Apparently I Run For Coffee

Nearly everything about my life has changed over the last two years.

It seems the only things that have remained constant are where I live and my love of cute shoes. Do not fear, I can still be found running around downtown in fabulous high heels and battling the coming epic winter months with a cheerful smile and more layers than even seems reasonable.

  • Everything changes. Everything is in constant motion. Everything is up for negotiation.

This is the blessing and curse of life, I suppose. Tomorrow, despite today’s seeming lethargy, will be different even if it feels the same.

Some things of the past two years have changed in the blink of an eye – either by my choice or someone else’s – and other things changed as seemingly slow as a river cutting through the rock face of a mountain as it creates a canyon.

One of the more mundane things that has changed for me is my training. I have traded in the barbells and free weights for tying on running shoes, lacing up hiking boots and clipping into my mountain bike; the outdoors have called to me and I have responded.

  • Hiking and biking make sense … running does not.
Asulkan Valley

A summer of navigating paths, climbing and reaching new heights. This is the beginning of my favourite hike up and run down – Asulkan Valley. The summit is hard to reach and glorious!

Let’s be honest, I run for coffee.

Or more accurately, I have running friends who lure me out of bed with promises of coffee and fabulous conversation on coffee shop patios all over the city. I have run more races in the past two years than I have run in over a decade and find myself putting in around 40kms a week on foot; this means I am heavily caffeinated. Slowly I have found my groove with running and have moved from abhorring it to simply enjoying a love-hate relationship with it. I even signed up for the Frank McNamara Fall Series where my goal is to make it past the finish line quicker than 50% of the people who showed up that day. Ummm … the U of A athletes come out to run, this is an epic goal!

  • In the mundane day-to-day running, what has changed most is me.

Running alongside women who don’t take the easy path and are always pushing to do and be more, I have found myself deeply changed and constantly challenged. Despite the amount of loss I have experienced, I find myself with more than I have ever had before and a richness of love, laughter and life that can only come from sharing yourself with amazing people day in and day out.

The Girls, as I call them, have let me sob while barely plodding along, challenged me, called me on my crap, celebrated every single success with me, watched me fail, told me when I was being an idiot and always encouraged me to keep going in life when all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and push the snooze button for a few weeks.

  • They have seen me at my best and witnessed some of my worst and I the same for them.
Emily Murphy

For the last 6 or so Tuesday nights, we have run hill repeats of Emily Murphy Hill. She is always so willing to have her picture taken with us when we are done, even though we cursed her name about 14 times and are covered in sweat.

I never want to run; I always want to have run.

Showing up is 80% of getting to where you want to go, the other 20% is having amazing people who will go with you.

  • Why else would I show up to run 8 hill repeats of Emily Murphy week after week?

The call to keep changing, growing and challenging who I am meets me in the form of friends and fitness. And in the midst of the most turbulent time of my life, I have found my footing and developed a strength I didn’t know I would ever need to have and am extremely grateful for.


The gift of grit comes with stories, laugh lines, a furrowed brow, the ability to scale mountains and a community of amazing people to go about life with. When you find yourself going through hell and complete chaos, keep going …. suddenly, despite all the turmoil, stress and chaos, you know you’re going to be ok.

  • Even if nothing changes, everything changes because you are no longer the same.
Donloree coffee

Onwards dear friends. Keep going. Fall down. Stand up. Move forward. Do the next thing. Laugh.

The river of your life is flowing and you’re creating a canyon as you slowly cut through the obstacles in front of you; don’t forget that you get to decide where you leave your mark and who you share your life with.

Always show up and choose who you run with wisely for it will determine how far you go in life.

**Don’t ask me why my pictures are sideways … the interwebs and I don’t always get along … no matter how hard I try!**

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  1. Lovely. Truly. I wish my love/hate relationship with running had the outcome yours is having. On and off for 30 years, countless 5ks, 2 full marathons, and I don’t know how many training miles, I still hate it. I haven’t run in 3 months and I may never again. Even if I do, I will hate every step. Oh well, that’s on me.

    For YOU though, this makes me smile. Proof positive that surrounding one’s self with good people can be a game changer in life — especially during times of profound change.

    Long may you run — in life!

    You’re one of the good ones…

    • You’re one of the good ones as well!
      My love/hate relationship with running may have found a compromise in trail running, but we will see how I progress as time goes on … what we both know is that there will always be cycling and that makes the world go round, truly.
      The whole marathon thing … yeah, I am pretty sure I don’t want to get there; anything after 21k and I start to get super grumpy. NOR do I want to spend that much of my life simply running.

  2. Love how you always show up, do hard things, and cheer us on to do the same. Great post my friend!

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