Be Careless

If you want to make nearly every woman in North American and possibly even Europe shudder and take a mental inventory of their cellulite, just tell them swimsuit season is here.

  • I hate swimsuit season, but probably not for the reason you think.

The reason I despise swimsuit season is because suddenly, overnight, each of us isn’t good enough, will never be enough and somehow our bodies become a measurement of our worth.

Every single spring, pressure from the media to have a perfect body and conversations between women assessing how not good enough their bodies are intensifies and before you know it we are all down the rabbit hole of comparing and judging each other, but most of all we judge ourselves.

When women tell me they aren’t ready for swimsuit season, I have a hilarious response.

What are you lacking? A swimsuit? Sunscreen? I know, sunscreen is absolutely critical – have you seen how white I am? Eeps! Costco has a great price on 60 block – just picked some up last week. I am officially ready. Flip flops? Just make time to go shopping – no worries, you’ve got this.

I am serious. What are you lacking?

Nothing other than hard won self-acceptance.

My heritage is Eastern European – people who needed to be strong and sturdy to survive farm life. I will never look like a Barbie Doll and if I do please call 911 because I went without food for 6 months and am nearly dead. My genetics have adapted over the centuries to be able to haul things, walk long distances up steep hills without stopping and make it through long, cold, hard winters.

We are a hardy people. Waif-like and lithe will never be applied to my name and that is completely fine.

  • How much of our lives do we just not show up for because we self-select that we are not good enough? Not thin enough? Not beautiful enough? Just not enough …

For women, it is more than we care to admit.



There is a lie out there that if you are a size 4, weigh 119 pounds, are without wrinkles, have a D cup size and are 5’7” then everything will be perfect and you will be happy because life will be at your fingertips.

Guess what? Life is already at your fingertips and if you don’t know how to grab life and live well now, being ‘beautiful’ won’t help you be happy.

Learn to be more of who you are, not less.

The great thing about everyone else caring about how they look in their swimsuit is they couldn’t care less about how you look. And if you don’t care – the world is your oyster.

You don’t need to be less, smaller, tinier, or thinner to enjoy more of life; what you need is to accept that you are more than enough and just be happy while doing the things you want to do.

be crazy


Be a woman who has enough substance to her, both emotionally and physically, to hold onto while you live a great life.

  • Put the swimsuit on and go live your life. Don’t let a number on a tag inside your clothes determine how much life you get to live.

Go live your life. All of it. Be courageous. Show up.

Care less. Live more.

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  1. There will always be a swimsuit season, but I truly believe how women (and men) are approaching it is changing for the better. I fear it too. Yup. All 5’7″ and 170 lbs of me. I look pretty good in sleeveless shirts and tank tops — because they still cover the rolls around my waist. And yes, people are ignorant enought to say things like…

    “You’re a trainer, I expected you to have a 6-pack.”

    Happens more often than I care for. Then, I just smile and change the subject.

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