Stop Stepping On Your Saplings

Do stuff, risk failure and keep going. 

Accomplishing amazing goals and becoming proficient anything requires you to start and then keep going; to accept the work, time, discipline and sacrifice it takes to get what you want out of your life.

  • Ignorance gets you started; purpose keeps you going.

And just in case you were curious, it always takes more work, emotional energy, time, heartbreak, discipline and perseverance than we think it will at the start.

Start now. Carpe Diem. Go. Begin. Commence.  



How often do we look at other people’s trees and wish they belonged to us?

Jealousy versus inspiration.

If you water your trees, you get fruit. If you water other people’s trees, you get an empty watering can.

Yesterday I participated in a six hour mountain biking clinic put on by the Dirt Girls which I jokingly referred to as ‘How Not To Die While Mountain Biking.

  • It was a day of fruit for me.

While poised at the top of a hill ready to go down and attack some obstacles on the bottom, I suddenly had a moment of  unexpected reflection.

It was cold, yet fabulous. Obstacles galore were overcome and technical skills will be integrated into my biking hence forth!

It was cold, yet fabulous. Obstacles galore were overcome and new technical skills will be integrated – watch out hills, curves and roots you are about to be tackled!

How did I become a woman who knows she needs to be one of the first to try the skill challenge so her fear doesn’t grow into an insurmountable mental giant that cannot be overcome, no matter how safe it is?

  • Tree watering.

15 years ago I couldn’t even run the length of a football field let alone run something like 30 kms or bike through the river valley for a whole afternoon. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted out of life, but I planted some seeds and kept watering them.

The process of seed to sapling to firmly rooted tree takes a long time.

How often do we step on the small, green shoot that breaks through the ground because we are annoyed that the seed didn’t turn into a glorious oak overnight?

  • Stop it.

The small shoots of growth which show up as ineptitude will eventually grow into competence if you choose to cultivate them and submit to the slow process of sustainable growth.

If you want to get somewhere, you have to keep going.

It takes time to grow an orchard which feeds your soul. 

My whole professional life revolves around helping people and organizations figure out where they are ‘now‘, what they want next and how to get it. In the course of a week, I ask the question, “You’re here now, so now what?” about 100 times in various ways.

It is too late for yesterday, you are correct. The good news is yesterday is done and we are firmly in today.

  • So now what? 

Be inspired, not jealous; start planting your own trees and celebrating what you are doing with your life. Dream, set goals and water your trees.



And for the love of everything that is good in the world, be inspired by other people’s trees. See what is possible and work your arse off to do what you want with your life and be who you want to be.

What kind of orchard are you cultivating?

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  1. This tree of yours, it inspires me. True story, so keep writing!

    • Thank you. I decided to get back to sharing my thoughts on a consistent basis with whomever wants to read; glad to know it is inspiring. I write for me and share from the heart … everything else is frosting on the proverbial cake. 🙂

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