My Favorite Strategic Plan: Do Stuff

You may think I am being a bit tongue in cheek, but I am completely serious. Many people are ‘stuck‘ trying to get what they want in and from their lives and businesses. I coach a lot of entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as a few individuals; at the core of their ‘stuckness‘ exists the same thing…

A severe lack of actually doing things.

There is a sense that more knowledge, preparation, reading, learning, watching others, googling and planning will unstick them.

The more you know and the less you do, the more stuck you become.

The truth is, until you get your arse in the store, try on the dress in the window and put some cash down to buy it; you’re just window shopping.

  • What if the dress doesn’t fit?
  • What if up close it doesn’t look as fabulous?
  • What if I don’t like it once I try it on?
  • What if ….

The negative ‘What if …‘ questions are unhelpful unless you have an amazing comeback for them.

Allow me to lend you mine.

Who cares?

Two words, simple and a bit cocky, yet rather helpful.

From my personal experience, I am sure the answer to my pithy comeback is ‘me‘. I am the only one who cares about things I deign to be a failure. If it doesn’t work the first time, if I am not good at something right away, if it doesn’t feel great or I hate it the only person who will most likely notice is me.

It’s time to get to work doing what you know to do.

Start where you are


Discipline creates freedom – ironic, but true.

Follow-through is what creates success, meaningful relationships, sustainable health, a business you love to work in and positive impact in the world.

Planning, research and more information is useless unless it is paired with disciplined action

Freedom comes from constraint. We want all the options at our fingertips and we want to read about them, ask other people their opinions on them and compare them constantly. Not constraining your options feels like freedom for a short amount of time, but in reality the longer you keep your options open, the less options you eventually have.

Knowledge is like money; unless you invest it into something and work on your investment it won’t grow or create more wealth.



Knowing what to do is important, but if you don’t do what you know to do you’re foolish. So many of us, including myself, play the fool on a daily basis.

Right about now in the conversation is when love and self compassion needs to come in. If you are anything like me and severely human, there is probably a list a mile long of things you know to do but aren’t doing. Be gentle with yourself; extreme self judgement isn’t going to help you.

The first thing you know to do and probably aren’t doing is being kind to yourself.

It is easy to know what you should do; doing it is the hard part.

What if you started to do what you already know to do but aren’t doing? What would change for the better?

  • Start to do and get good at it – grow from there.

More information and knowledge will be required on your journey of moving forward, but learn as you go. Embrace needing to know something and figuring it out rather than knowing everything and having nothing that you want in life.



Do not hear me say you don’t need to go to school, learn from others, research or plan. Hear me clearly saying, you’ve probably done enough for now; it’s time to get to work.

Will you embrace your inner Nike and ‘Just Do It’ and then keep doing it?

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  1. Love this. As if…

    True story: I had a formative meeting with Jim Henson, yeah, the Muppet guy, when I was 19. More like a chance meeting. One of the many gems he left me with was this,

    “When you have an idea, speed of implementation is everything.”

    Meaning, do something with it immediately. It was good advice with regard to ideas, but can be superimposed over so many other areas of life and business.

    Or, as my mom would say, “A gram of action equals a ton of prayer.”

    • The Muppet guy and your mom are both wise in their approach to life. 🙂 Letting a ‘must do’ stagnate or mold in your head and heart is a terrible feeling.
      Off we go to ‘Do stuff!’

  2. Great post Donloree! I like your pithy-ness and it’s a great reminder to stop sitting on all the information we have at our fingertips and getting our butts in gear.

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