The ‘Have Dones”

It is hard to be misunderstood.

I am often misunderstood and am starting to learn how to be ok with it, not to force people to understand me or ‘get it‘. In my experience when I have pushed to be understood, rarely has it resulted in understanding.

  • I look ridiculous and they look more confused.

The other day someone made a comment about me while we were trying to make last minute plans. I wasn’t able to do a lot of the options presented; I had already scheduled out my week, blocked off time to rest and had made previous commitments.

You are just so… *insert hand motions of making a box shape*

It is true. I get up early to write, catch up on email, journal, pay bills, dream and plan for my future and workout before coaching my clients or going to the office. Yes, it is a bit extreme in most people’s opinions, yet if and when I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done.

Evenings are full of volunteering, tasks that come with being an adult and some ‘nothing‘ events strategically booked with myself. If I don’t rest, things go wonky and downhill fast.

Question – when you make a commitment to yourself, why do people think you should break it for them?

Everyone wants a piece of you. A piece of me.

dreams and reality


The older I get, the more I realize I am not living forever. This is quite the shock to my 34 year old brain some days. Today is only here today and I will never get it back. It matters and so do I. So you do.

Oftentimes the very best thing I can do is to say ‘No.‘ A well thought out no is just as good as a raving YES!

Perhaps I should write a ‘How to Say NO so you can ultimately say YES!’ manifesto.

Manifesto – when did our society stop writing books, guides and articles and start writing manifestos? It was probably around the same time when ‘small‘ turned into ‘tall‘.

As much as I love Starbucks, I blame them in part for our verbose ways of communicating.

But I digress…

If you don’t fill your time with what you want to fill your time and protect it, someone else will fill it and no one else will protect it.

Dreams, ambitions, goals and fulfilling your purpose don’t just happen. It takes small, focussed and disciplined actions and steps to be able to accomplish and achieve your dreams.

do what matters


It takes years and years of hard work to become an overnight success.

Beyond the misunderstanding that I get about my need to not have something scheduled every night of the week and my steadfast adherence to early morning productivity is confusion about how I accomplish things.

The Have Dones.

Perspective is a powerful thing.

Every evening before I go to bed and oftentimes throughout the day, I ask myself a question that helps me make wise choices about how to spend my time.

Tomorrow, what will I wish I had done today?

Simple question. Powerful results.

Rarely in the moment do I want to…

  • clean anything
  • go to the gym
  • put the load of laundry in
  • stay calm
  • pay bills
  • clean the kitchen
  • make a grocery shopping list
  • fix things around the house
  • send emails
  • coordinate schedules
  • have the hard conversation
  • not eat the whole bag of chips
  • budget and review the investments
  • prep and pack food for the day
  • finish the book
  • work on my speech
  • not buy the cute shoes
  • make the phone call

Laziness lurks on my doorstep and feeling overwhelmed, tired, scared and unsure is the welcome mat. Looking into the future and experiencing the feelings of accomplishment, pride and joy from ‘having done‘ it give me what is needed to get off my arse and get to work; to be disciplined in my choices.

If you want to move from dreaming to production, start changing your perspective.

The more ‘have dones‘ you have under your belt, the easier they become.

In fact, even this blog is a ‘have done‘ for me. Tomorrow I am going to be satisfied with myself for writing and posting it.

And as I finish things, I find myself asking, “What’s next? What else do I want to accomplish for tomorrow?”

  • What do you want on your ‘have done’ list? Will you start changing your perspective in order to start producing your purpose?

With you in the trenches of dreaming, discipline and dedication,


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