Dear Angry Man In The Silver Impala

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to follow up on our interaction this evening on my commute home.

Your incessant honking and driving up my back wheel while I was safely cycling in the right lane of traffic scared me to death. But then I think that was the point since there was no one in the left lane.

In fact, we were the only two people on the road.

After nearly falling over and almost smashing into the curb due to complete surprise, I recovered and looked for an escape to ride illegally on the sidewalk. You didn’t leave me room to slow down and there was no opening in the curb for me to escape your harassment.  Adrenaline coursed through my veins and I pedalled as fast as womanly possible and geared down to gain as much momentum as possible all while praying for my safety.

I felt trapped and afraid.

Was that your goal? To scare and harrass a 34 year old woman who was on her 9th kilometre of a 10 kilometre commute home?

It must have been since you increased the tension by swerving towards me and nearly clipping me when you decided you had enough of my slow cycling and passed me. I appreciate that you rolled your passenger window down to scream obscenities at me, just in case I wasn’t clear about your feelings in regards to my cycling this evening.

What a contrast you are to the ETS bus driver who stopped next to me at a light to commend me on my cycling in traffic skills and ability to follow the rules of the road. We had a nice chit chat while waiting for our light to turn green and we amicably continued our leapfrogging through traffic, waving as we passed one another.

I have no idea what kind of person harasses a woman on bicycle like you did this evening.

You seem to be a very angry and hateful man.

Perhaps I got in your way enough tonight that you gave me what you were planning on giving your wife or children when you got home.  That my few moments of receiving your anger and hatred will ensure their safety tonight.

Hopefully our experience together is a once in a lifetime event for both of us and that it caught you by surprise. Perhaps you are wondering what caused you to act in such a hateful, violent, and aggressive manner and are searching for the root cause of your actions.

I highly doubt it, but a woman can hope.

You could have seriously injured or even killed me tonight with the way you chose to respond to the sight of me happily cycling along in my pink shirt and awesome biking shorts complete with rubber grip to ensure I get a stupid looking tan from my daily cycling.

Being angry doesn’t release you from the consequence of your action. If we meet again, you had better believe I will be memorizing your licence plate and calling the police.

Consider yourself warned.



Where and who are these people’s mothers?!

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  1. Dear Bikeloree,

    I hope your next ride is better. There will always be these folks out there, though I hope they are few and far between for you. It’s just that we are more vulnerable when on bikes, and much more sensitive to a-holes. This I know.

    Fellow Bike Commuter

    • Fellow Bike Commuter,
      I usually forget how vulnerable I am until something like this happens. All in all, a good reminder that it makes sense to take care and be careful.
      Happy cycling!

  2. Bikeloree, I am so glad that you are alright physically and I hope your heart is okay too after that nightmare. Of the two, I hope the bus driver (who sees a lot more bikers on the road than Impala guy) will imprint on your heart more. xo

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