The Nazi Officer’s Wife {52 Books}

Through this book challenge, I am learning a few things about myself:

  1. I thoroughly enjoy interesting autobiographies.
  2. I read about three books at a time.
  3. Writing book reviews is not my forte.

The Nazi Officer’s Wife.

First and foremost, the title is the best part of this book.


Pulling it off the shelf I thought there would be stories of intrigue, defiance, and near misses with the SS.

  • And in fact there was, but in the very normal way that they would happen for anyone in Edith’s situation.

Not everyone lives a movie plot line — correction, basically no one lives a movie plot line and if you do it most likely ends up in an unfortunate meeting with death before your time is supposed to be up.

Losing yourself to find your life.

This is the story of a woman who finds her way by taking on one of her good friend’s identity freely given to her, pretending to be minute, unable, and slow, and marrying a man who loved her for everything she wasn’t but needed to be to survive the Nazi regime.

Trained to be a lawyer, smart, capable, and full of ideals, Edith slowly loses hope, the chance to practice law, and nearly loses her life merely because she is Jewish in a time and place where her heritage was a death warrant.

Seeing the inside of every day life in the Nazi regime through the eyes of someone who wore the costume but didn’t believe and was slowly losing herself in the process of trying to keep her life was interesting, to say the least.

  • Even after the war was over, she was never able to fully find herself again.

While reading this book, I remembered that life shapes us in the ways we let it and need it to in order to survive. Throughout this book, there was a tone of resentment and festering pain that has never healed — the pain of losing her one true love who she never got to marry or be with, the loss of her ability to practice law, and long held hatred.

On the heels of Unbroken, I was left with a question.

Will I let my life shape me, or will I shape my life?

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