The Alchemist {52 Books}

Why do we wait for perfection before we start?

At least this had been my modus operandi in the past. I used to wait until everything is in place, doors were open, and the sailing was smooth before I started out after my dreams and living my whole life.

I’m finally ok with things being out of place, doors are getting banged down, and sailing continues whether the waters are smooth or not.

Carpe the heck out of each diem friends!

Carpe the heck out of each diem friends!


I refuse to wait until everything and I am perfect to live and pursue my dreams because, you know what, it is never going to happen.

The Alchemist.

Yesterday I sat down to read and enjoyed a couple hours with The Alchemist. A friend gave it to me years ago when I quit working for someone else and set off to start my own coaching business.


  • She said it was about me.

I didn’t know what she meant or have time for pleasure reading, so onto my bookshelf it went for four years…until yesterday.

The Alchemist is a story about having dreams and how to live in such a way that you find them.

People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don’t deserve them, or that they’ll be unable to achieve them.

It is not only the achievement of the dream, but also the journey you go on and who you become while achieving your dreams.

Going back to what you know is safe, but it is not how we are meant to live. The Alchemist reminded me of this yesterday.

An enjoyable and poignant afternoon read with a cup of coffee and laundry.

My kind of multitasking!

My kind of multitasking!

Sundays are my introvert recharge days – quietness, sleeping in, reading, and at home projects. It is what makes me so cool and able to have a great rest of the week in the extroverted world I live in. This is usually the day I take on my 52 book challenge – the best possible day of the week to read!

So…what important dream do you need to pursue? Are you willing to do it afraid?

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