Everywhere You Go…There You Are

Yesterday I woke up at 3:42 am and did not go back to sleep. 500 women were coming to a breakfast and I was the keynote speaker. Once I realized the day had come, I just got up and went about my planned morning….just a few hours earlier than planned.

I was prepared, ready and nervous. Nervous is ok – it keeps you on your A-Game.

Apparently my A-Game is also know as ‘Ridiculous’.

I was doing pretty good until it came time to put my make-up on. Now I’ve been a woman for 34 years, so I know to do this without the outfit on, lest you spill, drip, drop or sprinkle make-up on yourself.

Good thing I went with the flats! At least I know that much about myself. hah!

Good thing I went with the flats! At least I know that much about myself. hah!

It seemed reasonable that my freshly ironed indigo pants were ok to wear.

It turns out wearing the pants was risky, not reasonable.

I have the complexion of a polar bear, so my foundation is very stark. And after it jumps out of your hands and lands in your ceramic sink only to spin around in a fashion that a 1990’s tie-dyer would have been excited about do you realize how stark it is in a zebra pattern on your indigo pants.

So much panic ensued that I didn’t even take a picture. I dropped it with so much gusto that foundation even landed on the wall BEHIND me.


Breakfast dishes were quickly excavated out of the kitchen sink and frantic hand washing with dish detergent commenced. Indigo colored water covered the counter and floor, but there was no time for sopping up the water – I had to keep going and keep my cool.

Seven steps to de-foundation your indigo pants.

  1. Scrub in sink with industrial soap
  2. Rinse in cold water and pray
  3. Spin cycle of washing machine
  4. Dryer on hot and pray the pants are pre-shrunk
  5. Re-iron…kinda
  6. Wear damp
  7. Keep going and remember to smile!

32 minutes later the pants were back on my arse and my make-up was great. It is possible I rolled up my white shirt and pink cardigan while driving so the blue of the pants didn’t leak onto them.

Ready to go - pants and all! The cute necklace was ready to shine and so I decided to follow it's lead. :)

Ready to go – pants and all! The cute necklace was ready to shine and so I decided to follow it’s lead. 🙂

After the pants adventure, everything else should be without ridiculousness – right?

  • Wrong.

I proceeded to trip up the stairs backstage, drop a water bottle on my foot resulting in a bruise, and nearly lose the battery pack for the microphone in the toilet on my second nervous trip to the bathroom.

I found myself laughing at myself. I’m never going to be super sleek, all put together presenter. I am just Donloree.

So at the 11th hour, I went with Donloree. 

Because, why the heck not?

Because, why the heck not? It also helped me to realize I needed to put on some lipgloss to help mask the effects of the stage lights!

Yes, I wished I was 20 pounds lighter, had more, longer, better books for sale and was way more polished, but I suddenly remembered something. Something very important. Something foundational.

You shine best when you’re YOU, not when you’re polished.

I told them about the early morning ridiculousness, shared awkward stories, and made them laugh, laugh a lot, from the gut.

I love, love, LOVE making people laugh.

I love, love, LOVE making people laugh.

Through sharing the ridiculousness and just being me, I think they found themselves and left inspired and ready to take a step towards who they are, not who they think they should be.

After all, isn’t being YOU the best thing you could ever do?

Are you doing what comes most naturally to you?

Are you doing what comes most naturally to you?


Yesterday was a poignant time for me to remember that I am funny and funny is awesome. And to realize I can do big things without falling off the stage.

What makes you awesome?

Your job is to be amazing, now go do it!

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  1. I like reading you on Monday mornings because I always begin the week feeling refreshed. Thank you, once again.

    Somebody once told me, “If you can laugh at yourself, do so first, that you can look like you fit in with the others laughing at you.”

    Still some of the best advice I have ever heard.

    Glad it went well…

    • Yup, it was loads of fun. If I did this kind of thing more often, the momentum wouldn’t be so hard to build up…I would just be ‘in motion’ so to speak.

      Thanks for reading – I really appreciate it!

  2. During my second week at my last job my employer sent me to a conference. I arrived early to one of the sessions, sat down in a nearly empty row with my laptop bag on the aisle seat next to me. The outside pocket was stuffed full of notebook and papers, so when I tried to grab the computer, the lid flopped over, the velcro enclosure popped open and papers flew all over the aisle. A man sitting in front of me turned to see what the commotion was. I looked at him apologetically and said “no one ever accused me of being graceful”. He responded “that means you must be really smart”. That unexpected (and unfounded) compliment made me smile for the rest of the conference.

  3. Thank you for making me laugh! I really needed it today! 🙂

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