The Cuckoo’s Calling {52 Books}

I read all of the Harry Potter books in December of 2012.

Don’t ask me why, but I hadn’t read any of the books up until that point. I am glad I waited because it meant I could read them back to back in Donloree OCD fashion. Basically, I didn’t come up for air and dreamt of flying on broomsticks, wizards and muggles for about three weeks straight.

Somewhere along the lines I had heard that JK Rowling wrote some books under pseudonyms so I put one of them on hold at the library and promptly forgot about it. This is how it works at my house – books are put on hold at 4:52 am in the morning and then weeks, sometimes months later a notice arrives and I pick up a stack of books and dive into reading.

The Cuckoo’s Calling.

The Robert Galbraith book didn’t ring a bell for me, but I dove in anyways – 455 pages of a crime novel seemed like a decent choice.

No recollection of why I put this one on hold...

No recollection of why I put this one on hold…

Cardio reading is the only way it works.

Hauling a giant hardback book to the gym with me is a regular occurrence. It marks my bench along with my water bottle – a tactic to keep the overly muscled men away from my bench while I get my weights for a good back or chest day. It is hard to miss a teal colored water bottle standing on a two inch tall book.

My life is rather jam packed, just like your life, with work, family, friends, working out, pursuing my dreams, grown up tasks and volunteer work. Reading is something I do for me – especially when it is a good story – but time is limited, so I read while I sweat.

Getting ready to read and sweat!

Getting ready to read and sweat!

I give fiction books about 50 pages to suck me in. If I am looking to see how many pages are left because I am bored to tears or the story and writing is horrible, the book goes back to the library. No one has time to waste on a poorly written story!

On Thursday evening I started the book while taking the bus home and I nearly missed my stop. The story had officially sucked me in. Upon arriving home I googled the author and remembered that it was actually JK Rowling who wrote the book, which is why I put a request in for it.

Interesting! A test to see if she could write a book and sell it without the JK Rowlings name attached to it. Love it!

A test to see if she could write a book and sell it without the JK Rowling name attached to it. Love it!

The story is well written, told from the perspective of two people and leaves you most curious about a woman named Robin who works with Strike, the burly and stalwart private investigator. I look forward to more in this crime series. Robert Galbraith has developed a duo that is begging for more adventure and intrigue.

Unsavoury parts.

I did not appreciate the copious amount of swearing in the book although it did match the unsavoury characters that showed up in the story. It will be interesting to read the second book that is due out in the summertime to see if the same goes for The Silkworm.

It was a nice break to steal away for Thursday evening, Friday morning cardio, and some of Friday and Saturday into the world of paparazzi, private investigators and the London scene. 455 pages, and avoiding 14 other things I should have been doing and 6 hours later *poof* back to my real life which does not have paparazzi or any crazy lawyers in it. I am glad to keep the crazy in the book and not have them in my life!

How long do you give books to reel you in? What is your favorite genre of fiction? 

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  1. I always feel guilty for not finishing books I’ve started. I’ll usually forge through unless it’s really awful. Audio books, however, need to catch my attention early on. If not, I have no qualms about returning them quickly. My favorite genres are romance and crime/mystery. I’ve also been getting into biographical Navy SEAL books lately. I’m in awe of those brave men!

    • I used to feel guilty, but then I got over it. 🙂 I don’t have time to read crappy books! The SEAL books are awe inspiring and amazing to read. The journey they go through and heart, determination and grit required to do what they do is a true testament to the capacity of the human soul and body.

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