Slowly Leaking Helium…

Most weeks I wish I was an extrovert.

I love my life, but some weeks there is just too much of it and I find myself scraping the bottom of my emotional, mental and physical reserve to keep up with the extroverted world we all live in.

Being introverted is like a mylar balloon filled with helium. As time wears on, the helium leaks out and you start to sag, droop and make harsh noises when brushed against. And there really isn’t much you can do about it unless you have time to fill up again.

My life this week was a circus and literally ended with one.

Yup! I got to see this in person last night. Amazing!

Yup! I got to see this in person last night. Amazing!

Last night my husband and I were invited to a 50 Year Celebration for his previous employer. We were both excited to go, but I was already sagging and knew I had to find a way to not die an introverted death by the time we left.

Extroverts don’t understand how leaning into a nearly perfect stranger to shout into their ear so they can hear you over the live band with pumping bass can nearly undo an introvert after 5 hours of such shenanigans.

Maybe you’re like me and the thought of going to a huge social gathering at the end of an epic week makes your want to dive into bed pull the covers over your head.

Most people don’t realize I am an introvert because I have learned to manage it somewhat well over the years.

Introverted tips for surviving the PAR-TAY at the end of the week.

1. Put your game dress on. If you feel good about how you look and are dressed in a way that boosts your confidence, it is a small recharge. Immediately there will be less sagging.

PAR-TAY here I come!

PAR-TAY here I come!

2. Indulge in the activities. Stand in line for the photo booth, cartoon drawing or punch. You can either chat with one person or no one – both are socially acceptable and create margin.

It was fun to be 'cartooned'!

It was fun to be ‘cartooned’!

3. See the sights. Check out the decorations and displays. There is always something fun to look at and learn about.

Ice don't see those every day...

Ice sculptures…you don’t see those every day…

4. Just be silly. If there are fun things to do, just do them and be ok with looking ridiculous.

It's possible I wore these glasses for awhile and pretended to be blind...

It’s possible I wore these glasses for awhile and pretended to be blind…

5. Agree on a leave time. I love knowing when we will leave, especially since I am married to an extreme extrovert.  It helps me not to completely crash and keeps my nearly busting husband from floating away. Win-Win.

Midnight is usually when I turn into a pumpkin.

Midnight is usually when I turn into a pumpkin.


I want to hear from the other introverts out there that have tips for navigating the extroverted world.

What do you do to keep sane and manage all the craziness of life?


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  1. Ditto to putting the game dress on and setting an agreed upon leave time! 🙂 And, really, all of your suggestions are great. I love the analogy of slowly leaking helium.

  2. I’m also an introvert married to an extrovert and I, too, have learned to manage it but there are times when social events still become too overwhelming. Coping does get easier with practice and experience but having strategies like the ones you mention definitely helps. I especially like the first one. If I feel self-conscious about how I look, it makes matters much worse. I’m really not good at small talk but I find that asking people questions about themselves usually works.

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