Quietly Being {Seasons of Life}

Life is all over the place.

I assume your schedule, relationships and commitments are as diverse, messy, fabulous and chaotic as mine are. Some weeks I run the marathon at a sprint pace and come to the end exhausted but happy. Something changed for me coming into 2014.

  • I have found a freedom to be still and ‘unseen’.
What are your roots like?

What are your roots like?


My whole life up until this year has been about goal setting, striving, working, focus and achievement. University degree, marriage, weight loss, buying a house, triathlon, starting my own business, bodybuilding, writing books, events and on and on the list goes.

I have been quiet lately.

There are no goals on my wall, no daily task that must be done no matter what to move an big, hairy audacious goal forward, no driving force to accomplish something great. It is as though my everyday disciplines of writing, training, working and growing are enough; they don’t need to be crammed into a goal shaped box.

  • An amazing stillness has filled my soul.

Like the quiet in a city after a giant snowfall, there is a distinct calm and deep quietness in my life.

Quiet, oh so quiet.

Quiet, oh so quiet.


Traffic has stopped, the clouds have come close to the earth, the birds have hidden themselves and the wind is still. When a snowfall stops a city, you quietly get out of bed, pull on your slippers and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while wrapped up in a down comforter. Outside nothing moves, yet your heart grows with hope, peace and possibility. The stillness is welcome and revives you as take in each .

Earlier this week I was reading Fierce Conversations in preparation for a workshop I am running at the end of the month and I came across a passage that describes my experience perfectly.

I felt utterly calm, clear and alive…an un-anxious presence in an anxious world.


I am in a season of amazing, un-anxious winter and I couldn’t be happier. In winter you get to rest, recover and enjoy the hard work of the previous season.

You are also in a season. Defining it is important.

We may all be 'here' but we may not all be in the same season.

We may all be ‘here’ but we may not all be in the same season.

Seasons don’t last forever, but trying to be somewhere you aren’t only creates havoc in your life. In winter we don’t scorn the earth for not producing tulips and during summer we don’t anticipate snow falling from the clouds. Knowing where you are helps you understand what to expect from yourself.

Don’t make your whole life one season, rather go through them as they come. You will cycle through the seasons time and time again – sometimes fast and other times slow.

  • Spring – hope, possibility, dreaming and goals
  • Summer – hard work, discipline, sweat and long days
  • Autumn – results, putting in the effort to finish well and storing up for the future
  • Winter – rest, quiet, short days and long nights, celebration

Spring is coming again for me, but I will wait until I see the crocuses pop out of the ground before I put my favorite coffee cup down and lace up my running shoes. Until then, I will enjoy the rest and deep sense of calm because I know the chaos of new dreams and goals are just around the corner.

What season are you in? What does this season require of you now?

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  1. I love this post, Donloree. Beautiful. And I can totally relate to where you’re at.

  2. Good timing — again. I killed my Facebook page yesterday. Poof. I write often that I long to be in a simpler state, but what do I ever do about it…?

    I started buying books again. Reading books again. Unplugging a lot more. Staying true to blogs I value, yours among them.

    I fired my most annoying clients. I sit and do nothing more. I abandoned my fitness goals other than to just remain active, and eat modestly. This is my winter. At 52, I see no real need for spring at this point.

    I long to be in a simpler state…

    • You may have spring coming at some point, but it is ok to just be in winter. 🙂

      Reading real books is a joy. I am curious as to what comes in this season…what you learn and what bubbles to the surface.

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