Gold! Oh Canada, eh?


I have lived up here in what I like to call the ‘subarctic‘ for almost 16 years. We love our hockey and our hockey players, that much is clear.

My dad is Canadian and we grew up listening to Don Cherry yell at Ron MacLean in between periods. Don made me have more than a bit of an aversion to hockey.

  • There are only so many multi-colored suits one girl can look at before she is scarred for life.
This is a mild wardrobe choice...

This is a mild wardrobe choice…


Despite my dislike of Mr. Cherry and his yelling ways, hockey has found its way into a corner of my heart. After all, in order to be truly Canadian you must understand the basics of icing, two line passes and a slap shot.

I’m happy to say, I am considered a true Canadian.

This morning,*ahem* afternoon, in Sochi we won gold in Men’s Hockey.

Many of us got up very early to watch the men dominate the ice and win 3-0. I only caught the last period as I was exhausted this morning, but I made sure to not miss my favorite part.

  • I love the medal ceremony.

Watching someone who has focussed their life on something receive recognition and reward for a disciplined life is an amazing thing.

The smiles are the best!

The smiles are the best!

Each of them chose to live in such a way to position themselves to win.

  • Choosing to win something significant means choosing to lose a lot of something else. 

The list could go on and on of things these athletes have said no to in order to say YES! to being on the Canadian team and winning the gold medal.



Choose your one thing and be ok with saying no to the ‘something elses‘ that come along. Trust me, they are coming in droves but do not be swayed, you have something great to do with your life.

Refocus on your dream and do not waiver. Gold awaits you!

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