Comparison Trap

Life isn’t easy for…anyone.

Comparing our reality to the fiction we make up about other people is easy, but very deluded.

No one truly knows your backstory, the struggles, pain and heartache you’ve overcome or your current limitations which shape where you are at in life. Nor do you know what the person you’re comparing yourself to has gone through; they have a story too.

The past month has been really hard for me, extremely hard. I have been going through a bunch of ‘backstory‘ and painful experiences. I finally poured out my pain, struggle and despair over coffee to my best friend. She just listened and then reminded me of a truth I had forgotten.

We all struggle.

Donloree, you are more adept at doing things than most people You look like you have it all together and nothing seems to stand in your way when you choose to do something. You are gifted and able, you don’t seem to struggle, you seem to overcome.

Perhaps I struggle more than most.

The point isn’t to get past struggle, it is to keep going and not compare. To work through your struggles, pain and obstacles and grow into a person of character.

be yourselfPhoto

Instead of comparing, celebrate and work hard. 

  • Celebrate other people’s successes, gifts and accomplishments. Be happy, truly happy for people when they achieve things and be compassionate when they don’t.
  • Work hard at your own dreams and take what you have and make it great. Don’t complain that you don’t have what others have. You either have more or less than someone else in any given situation – time, money, health, relationships, work, family, opportunity…the list goes on and on. Accept the fact that you’re in a different spot than everyone else and get to work.

Struggle and vulnerability is part of what makes us human.

Imagine what would happen if even for a week, we all stopped comparing and got to work? If we changed our hearts and minds to be focussed on who we were be coming in relation to who we were yesterday, not who the latest photoshopped person on the cover of a magazine appears to be.


It would change the world.

It is time for each of us to learn what it means to change the world in our own unique way.

  • It is time to give up comparison and start running your own race to change the world.

I’m all in! Are you?

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  1. I’m sorry that you’ve been going through such a rough time but thankful that you use even those times to inspire us! Be kind to yourself and keep moving forward.

  2. Love your honesty. You always seem to say just what I (and many others) need to be reminded of.

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