Biggest Loser Uproar Should Make Us Look In The Mirror


I haven’t watched the show in forever, but I would have to live under a rock to not know who the latest winner of the show is.

Rachel Frederickson.

rachel 2


She played the game well and won, a true competitor.

You may be asking, “But what about the extreme weight loss?” Isn’t that exactly what the show is about? Isn’t the point of the show to eat the least amount of food possible, work out as though it is your full-time job (because when you are on the show it is) and become extreme about nearly everything?

Do not hear me say, “I think everything is great with what happened.

Isn’t the goal to lose the most weight possible?

I have no doubt that the show creates more body dysmorphia and eating disorders in the contestants than health.

Everyone is commenting on, criticizing, and judging Rachel when we should really look at ourselves.

As a society, we value skinny, beautiful and waif-like women.

Rachel met societal expectation and played the game well and suddenly we are all up in arms? 

The pressure to look just like Rachel is intrinsic in our mindset. I am 5’8″ tall, weigh 160 pounds and wear a size 8 most days. It takes mental discipline to not take on all the media messages to be happy in my skin and love who I am as I am.

Magazine covers mock me, mannequins are size 0, poster women for beauty are photoshopped, messages are constantly about losing weight, my body is how I am judged in the world I live in and very few women are happy with their bodies and if they are, we decide they shouldn’t be.

Conversations at parties are rarely about the joys of life and how we are living out our unique purpose on the earth, instead women talk about things related to our bodies and how we don’t like them.

  • How to make something low-cal.
  • The amount of carbs in a glass of red wine.
  • How many hours of running it will take to burn off the piece of cheesecake.
  • The last 10 pounds we each need to lose.
  • When was the last time we worked out.

In my opinion, we have failed Rachel and every woman in North America.

When it is going to stop? When will we step up and step out of the skinny, waif-woman box we have been crammed into and take over the world in all healthy shapes and sizes?

It is time for a woman revolution!

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  1. LOVE THIS!! We waste soooo much time on appear and worrying about our thighs that it inhibits our ability to be comfortable in our own skin and be AWESOME in the world. You are a perfectly sized, you!

    • 🙂 Indeed! What would happen if we took all the time we spent worrying and talking about how we look and did something else with it? I’m pretty sure it would be epic in a good way!

  2. I think you are missing the point that people are getting fat because of the types of food they eat! The problem you are pushing is this- there are obese people out there who think they are just slightly overweight. Their weight is causing just as much (if not more) health problems. Many of these people are addicted to food (sugar), but it’s socially acceptable?

    My father just lost 100 lbs, and probably added 10-20 healthy years onto his life by doing so… I agree that Biggest loser is sending the wrong msg, but on the other side of the spectrum, you are sending out an equally bad one, not to the ones who actually are within a healthy range, but to those who are really obese. Telling them- there is no need to change, keep doing what you’re doing and be happy! The truth is they will gain weight every month, every year until they are morbidly obese thinking it’s alright and that they are “healthy” compared to the “skinny” people. If anything, pushing processed food out and eating more plant based foods are better. An addict is an addict, so why is it socially acceptable for someone to eat a ton of junk food but not to smoke? Both will kill you…

  3. I agree with Donloree it would be epic. Even when my weight was good I even then worried how I looked
    Society puts such pressure for us to be Barbies in real life and usually that is not a happy or healthy place to be. We need to learn to Love ourself as we are not by other peoples standard of how we need to look.

  4. I do follow the show, and watched the entire season. I loved Rachel and LOVED watching her push through her fitness limitations and make it to the final week at a healthy weight and almost at athlete status body fat. My concern wasn’t how small she got – because seeing anyone go from very large to very small in a short amount of time can be very shocking (I got that a lot after my loss). I was more concerned about how she was tripping on stage and seemed to be very out of it (compared to her quick wit in prior episodes).
    Yes, she said she did it “all natural” and followed the diet plan… but I think we as competitors know that following an all natural plan for a long period of time can still have detrimental effects on our endocrine system and cause body dysmorphia. I genuinely hope that she was just a tad dehydrated and can find that healthy balance for life.

    • Lacey, she did not win the contest “at a healthy weight and almost at athlete status body fat”. It was clearly stated that she is now underweight and being intentionally underweight is as bad as being overweight. So far, I don’t believe she has an ‘official’ eating disorder, instead, she sounds like she has had to do an excessive amount of exercise to reach that amount of weight loss in a short amount of time. The fact that she is quoted as stating that she works out “a lot” and “four times a day” is too much. She did not work full-time, she chose to work part-time and spend the rest of her time exercising. There is a problem with this. Like many other contestants from the show who lost too much too fast, she will most likely be speaking out about how healthy the whole process was for her.
      She was a contestant on the show and won some money. Now she is going to face the toughest part; competing with other women outside of a reality t.v. show. It’ll be tough because there will be no financial gain, 15 minutes of fame or a support team to hold her up.

  5. Yeah I agree with Donloree. I also think the show should have therapists helping the really big people. Like they do on hoarders.

  6. Good on them all. At least they are doing something. So many overweight people – something really needs to be done.

  7. Weight shouldn’t be an issue of discussion except when it’s life threatening and unhealthy. In my opinion, I think it’s normal for health conscious people to talk about the carbs in the food they eat and the workouts they plan to do and the measure of weight they need to lose. I think that’s just having a healthy mindset and a healthy talk to others. What would be worrisome is when they talk about other people’s business and criticizing their way of life or their physique, that for me is shouting insecurities.

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