The Gift Came With The Grind

How often do you compare yourself to someone else?

Weekly? Daily? Hourly? Minute by minute?

If you are like me, it goes in waves. When I am working hard at my own dreams and doing what I am supposed to do in life, it is easy to keep my comparison to myself – only looking at my progress. When I decide to engage in complaining and discouragement I take my focus off of what I am supposed to and start seeing what other people are doing and decide their dream or what they have is better things go awry fast.

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  • You aren’t supposed to live out someone else’s purpose.

The most discouraging times in my life have been when I have tried to be just like someone else, giving all my time and attention to working at becoming someone I am not and then finally crashing because it cannot be done. At those moments the dreams I left behind come up and they are not further along, simply languishing and waiting to have my time, attention and discipline.

Grumble, grumble.

Complaining about your dreams not coming to life when you do nothing about them is like complaining that your pants don’t fit after eating a gallon of ice cream, three bags of chips and a few donuts.


What did you expect?

What we see is the best of people, the result of hours, days, years and even decades of hard work.

  • Grind.

Every single person who has accomplished something great started with a gift, but it didn’t end there. They took what they were best at and worked hard at it for years and years. I love the story of Michael Phelps. Severe ADHD, doesn’t do well in school and can’t keep focussed or sit still, but he loved swimming. And so he swam. Every single day. Yes, he has a genetic disposition to be a great swimmer but if he didn’t develop the skill, work hard and keep going he wouldn’t have even one Olympic medal at his house, let alone 22

michael phelps

  • Having potential doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t develop it.

Be someone who works hard when no one is watching, keeps their eyes on their dream and celebrates well with others when they accomplish great things.

You’re going to accomplish great things too, but only if you learn how to become who you are and work hard at it. Run the race set before you with joy, for it is the only one you’re supposed to run. Then keep going.

Go be amazing and grind out your gift.

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