Perspectives and Vantage Points {Life Lessons from my Dishwasher}

While we were in the midst of ripping out nearly every square inch of flooring in my house, we encountered problem after problem with things that needed fixing in our little condo. We still don’t have a balcony, one of my doors has decided to not shut, sub-floor needs replacing, walls need repainting now and my bathrooms need some TLC. Heck, my washing machine and dryer even joined in the mutiny.

Have I mentioned I still don’t have baseboards?

In the midst of putting in new flooring in the spring, we had to pull my dishwasher out because, well you guessed it, flooring goes under the dishwasher.

After it was wired back up and ready to go, I loaded it up with all my dirty dishes, turned it on and then…nothing.

It is a funny day when you're angry at an inanimate object.

It is a funny day when you’re angry at an inanimate object.

In light of everything that was going wrong with my self lead home renovation projects I merely sighed, emptied the dishwasher and washed everything by hand.

I continued to wash dishes by hand for months all while complaining and bemoaning how everything in my house was broken. The table saw in my dining room and the pile of flooring in the living room merely added to my angst and nearly every night I could be found complaining while armpit deep in dishes and soap suds.

The answer to my problem was a simple flip of a switch.

A few months later while doing laundry, I noticed something odd on my breaker panel. One of the switches was flipped to the left in the off position. Upon closer inspection, I figured out it was for – you guessed it – my dishwasher.

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things is not like the other…

Biting my top lip and squinting my eyes I didn’t know whether to laugh at myself or scream.

A quick flick of the switch and we were back in business.

Glorious day!

Glorious day!

How quickly I accepted the thought that the dishwasher was broken. From my perspective nothing was working and everything was broken. I didn’t even try to look for the source of the problem or find a solution, I merely gave up and accepted my circumstance.

Perspective matters.

We make decisions and accept things based on our perspective.

Broken? Of course – everything else around here is!


What do you see in life right now?


Perhaps it is time to change perspective, to look at your life and situation from a new vantage point. Staying where you are and complaining never yields the results we want, yet it is so easy to stay there. Choose strength and determination to look at your life in a new way.

  • What would happen if you moved from the kitchen to the breaker panel to look at the situation?

What is possible now?

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