2014: The Year of The Iceberg

Quiet breathing room.

The space between Christmas and New Year’s is about the only time in the year when the world slows down long enough for me to give reflection, review, dreaming and life assessment sustained attention. Everyone closes up shop, the office is closed and my coaching clients are visiting family – just like me and my husband.


This past year has been a marathon without only a few water breaks along the way. I have been sprinting the marathon of life this past year and come to the end of 2013 rather worn out, tired and thirsty.

No one is chasing me.

I am not a woman who does resolutions, rather one who is starting to develop the art of living on purpose. This past week while in Saskatchewan, I had time to read books, play games, eat amazing meals, laugh, connect with fabulous people and continue my daily disciplines of writing, journaling, reading and training.

Shovelling snow drifts for an hour in the -30 weather is a great workout!

Shovelling snow drifts for an hour in the -30 weather is a great workout!

I finally finished ‘The One Thing‘ and it kicked me in the butt.

For the past 6 months, I have been feeling a sense of discontent about my life.

  • Where am I going?
  • What am I doing?
  • What is my purpose?

The last question is the big one. Instead of continuing to run like a mad woman and go in all directions, I am going to do the hard work of refining my purpose, digging deep and embracing the chaos that comes from growing deep and saying ‘no‘ to all the shiny things that come along in life but don’t align with my purpose.


Loved all of the visuals in the book. Read it!

An effective, amazing life comes from knowing what you’re about and living it out on a daily basis. All the small actions add up to huge results.

Knowing and doing: two different things.

I do love a good BHAG, new adventures, challenges and calling people to action and doing something great together, but this year instead of looking for ways to build ‘up’ I am going to root deep and become unmovable in my purpose.

  • My foundation matters.

Seeing how I live in the subarctic, it only makes sense for me to have an iceberg as my metaphor for 2014.


What is underneath, what no one can see, is what shapes and sustains your impact in the world. This upcoming year may not have amazing outward things, but it is going to be a year of growing down, growing deep.

And apparently long underwear…

  • Step one: Clarity on my purpose.

What kind of year is 2014 going to be for you? Does it also involve long underwear?

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  1. Wow what a Title Donloree,
    Just stumbled across your blog which searching the #blogging hashtag on twitter and am glad I found it!
    Anyway I love your title and it’s good to see that you have found a purpose for your blog!

    In a way I sill am trying to find my blogs purpose as have only been running it for a few months but I am more than happy with the way it’s progressing! I have just started my on book on blogging.

    Anyway I am glad I found you! Happy New Year
    – Phillip

  2. I’m pretty sure you just called me a crow, since I am fascinated by shiny things. Of course I try and resist those shiny things, but my ADHD…


    Anyway, I know I probably won’t read, The One Thing, but Ill keep reading here, and that always seems to ground me, and sooth me, if only for a …



  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the visual of the iceberg – totally puts it in perspective for me!!


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