10 Jobs I Would Like to Try For A Day

I am a curious woman.

And I tend to like to try new things. Most people spend some time during this season setting New Year’s resolutions. I am not looking forward to seeing the ones who put ‘lose weight‘ on their resolution list at the gym in the mornings. Luckily most people’s resolve doesn’t last for more than a week, which means I will actually be able to train without tripping over someone by about January 15th.

Resolutions used to be my thing too. 


In the past few years, I stopped resolving and just starting doing – no matter the time of the year. Now I spend this season dreaming.

Yesterday over Christmas dinner and way too much caramel corn, the topic of careers came up and what would you do if you could do anything. If I could push pause on my life and try a bunch careers for a day, there are several that top the list for me.

  1. Talk Show Host – I would opt for a show that is a cross between Ellen and Strombo. And I totally have the name for it.
  2. Comedian – The fact that I fall over and drop things when I get nervous would just be an asset to this job.
  3. Surgeon – It would have to be an on the field, emergent surgeon kind of an adventure. It would be great if helicopters and walkie talkies were required.
  4. Welder – I like making things and this job feels dangerous and exciting – the helmet is frosting on the cake.
  5. Ambassador – I would love to be the ambassador for Canada to Spain or England or somewhere HOT. Yup, I would do that for our country. I would be honored to sacrifice and go to the Cayman Islands for Canada.
  6. Prime Minister – I have a bunch of opinions about politics and until I walk a mile in the leader’s shoes it doesn’t make sense to be self righteous. Right? Besides, maybe they would make a coin with my head on it after I finished. Who doesn’t want their head on a coin? I would just need to make sure I was having a great hair day on Prime Minister Day.
  7. Crisis Negotiator for the UN – What if I could solve a massive problem by helping leaders see what is possible and what working together brings? Now that would be awesome!
  8. Mayor of Edmonton – I just don’t think I would want to sign up for a day when there are 4-5 hour meetings.
  9. Relief Development Director – Yup. Put me in the middle of somewhere with a giant problem and amazing people with resources and I would love to try to create lasting change.
  10. Amazon Jungle Adventure Guide – The only problem is I do like to shower and I am afraid of reptiles and boats. I suppose this is a better ‘after‘ than ‘during‘ story.

 As I thought about my list, I just laughed at myself.

I am so predictable. I want to make great change with whatever it is that I do. I want to make a difference; it is part of my DNA.

So one big question remains for me to chew on as the end of 2013 rolls around.

How do I make a difference and create positive change where I am?


And when I am not being super serious, I think about how I can have my own talk show because, well, that would just be awesome. Life needs more quirkiness and this is something I definitely have in abundance.

What about you? What are you dreaming about for 2014?

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  1. I’m trying my best to live in the moment and not look ahead to what the coming year might hold but I love the idea of trying out different careers. Archaeologist would definitely be on my list. It would be great to spend at least a day on a dig somewhere. Ambassador is the one on your list that most appeals to me.

    • Elaine, you would make a GREAT archeologist! 🙂 Some seasons aren’t about looking forward, rather they are about being fully present which is where you are at. I would love to hear about you spending a day on a dig somewhere.

  2. Well I’m already in a new career and, like Elaine, am trying to live in the moment. My 2014 goal is to find balance and that’s all im striving for at the moment.

    • Suz – I love your new career. Seriously, SO proud of you. Awesome. Balance…yes, I have been thinking about a word to mark my year and balance is definitely on the list.

  3. How…? By keeping writing. Keep reaching. Stay where you are, do what you do with the highest of intent, and your reach will become consistently longer. I truly believe that.

    Oh, and you would be an adorable welder…

    • You are correct. It is time for me to dig down deep and keep going…yes. I have so much more to do where I am. I may have to take up welding as a hobby, I rather like learning how to use crazy tools and build giant things.

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