My Birthday Gift To You – Free Books!

During my thirty-fourth year of living on the earth, I have learned a lot of things. 

  • I am not my pant size.
  • How to use a table saw and keep my eyes open at the same time.
  • You can and should live both deep and wide.
  • Doing one thing for one person does change the world. Don’t pass up the opportunity to change the world when you see it.
  • We belong to each other.
  • Liquid iron tastes bad but makes life way better.
  • Being gifted at something means you have a responsibility to develop it.

The biggest lesson I have learned is, ‘Do what you love and give it away’.

So today I am going to do just that.

Free books for everyone!

Sometimes I am so strange I make myself laugh. Wednesday night I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited. I tossed and turned all night, excited that my book was live on Amazon, it was being ‘shipped‘ to all the other vendors (which officially takes FOREVER) and the print version was ready for order.

Today it is official, my newest book – Don’t Chaperone Your Best Friend’s Dates – is done and published by your’s truly. Today I am giving it and it’s sister book – If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake to My Funeral – away for free for my birthday.

HS Book Cover Final 3D TRANSPARENT

It’s rather cute, if I say so myself.

How to get the books for free.

Amazon doesn’t play nice with authors to give books away for free…or if they do, I haven’t figured it out yet. In order to get your free copy, you just need to go to Smashwords, add the books to your cart and put in some coupon codes. Ridiculous reading for the weekend here you come!

When you go to Smashwords, add each book to your cart and use the following coupon codes to get the books free! Coupon codes are good through December 14, 2013.

  • Don’t Chaperone Your Best Friend’s Dates:  TS83G
  • If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake to My Funeral:  BD95J

You may have to create an account at Smashwords, but that’s easy peasy!

Or if you buy one of my books from Amazon today or tomorrow, pop me an email at dl at and I will send you the other book for free.

I would love rave reviews on Amazon for my birthday if you are feeling so inclined. *eyelashes batting* 

Happy birthday from me to you!

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  1. bought it offically – owing now both and love it!
    will write a review soon.
    thanks for all the laughter!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful Birthday gift! Will write an amazon review soon : )

  3. You are too awesome! Can’t wait to read!
    Thank you and Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!
    <3 LPM

  4. Thank you! Can’t wait to read both of them. 🙂

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