My Birthday Book. Opinions Required STAT!

In a few days, I am going to turn 34. 

And yes, I did have to refer to the year to figure out how old I am about to be.

Having your birthday close to Christmas results in a few hilarious realities when it comes to planning a birthday adventure.

I tend to hate having my birthday close to Christmas. The Christmas wrapped gifts are fine, it is the fighting again Christmas parties galore that kills me. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to dress up in an ugly Christmas sweater, sing carols, go to a work party or volunteer at some Christmas event on my birthday. If you don’t have a birthday around Christmas you are missing out on being able to fa-la-la-la and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing while blowing out your birthday candles.

Add in the fact that I live in the subarctic and things get even more hilarious.

The year I turned 30, Edmonton was the coldest place on the planet other than Siberia. 

That year, my birthday nearly killed all of us. Literally.

I am not one for giant birthdays that are all about me, rather I like events where all my friends from all over my life get smooshed together for an evening of fun and hilarity. This year I am gathering my girlfriends up to have a crazy bowling adventure and then to stuff ourselves silly with chocolate fondue afterwards at my house. I finally have flooring everywhere, my kitchen island is back and the table saw went home to my brother-in-law’s house. I can officially have people over without fearing they will require a tetanus shot when they leave.

Whatever the case, in true Donloree form, I am giving myself a birthday present.

A book by your’s truly.

Yup, I wrote a small, hilarious and sometimes poignant book for high school girls and even grown up girls.

Don’t Chaperone Your Best Friend’s Dates.

High school is one of the most awkward and pressured seasons of everyone’s life. It is when you look like an adult but you’re nowhere close to being one. People expect you to make life altering decisions and be responsible but you’re too busy worrying about the mean girl in Chemistry class, who to sit with during lunch and the hot boy in Phys Ed who makes fun of you to make any solid life decisions. What you look like, your dating status and how to balance homework with an afterschool job all matters more than what you are going to do with the rest of your life.

Donloree knows what it is like to be awkward, feel alone and wonder if she is the only one suffering in the midst of mean girls and hot boys. You aren’t alone; everyone is suffering even if they don’t admit it. Laughter is the best medicine for getting through the rough patches. Laugh with and at Donloree as she shares 10 random things she wish she had known during her high school years, including not to chaperone her best friend’s dates.

Yup. The book will be free on my birthday if it all comes together in time.

There is nothing quite like leaving things to the last minute. I do have a plausible excuse about having a man in India creating an eBook cover for me and after two weeks there is still only the sound of crickets, but that is another blog post altogether.

In order to get it online by Friday the 13th, I have to finalize my cover and submit it everywhere so you can get on your iPad, Kobo, Kindle, Nook, etc on my birthday. Print copies are coming shortly, but unless there is a birthday miracle they won’t be here in time.

I need your opinion.

Below are three book cover options I created.

  • Which one should I go with?
  • How should I tweak the one you love?
  • Do you hate one or all of them?

Yes…I am apparently learning how to create eBook covers in my early morning, caffeinated state.

Option 1 – Pretty in Pink

HS Cover Option 1

Option 2 – Bold and Clear

HS Cover Option 2

Option 3 – Subtle and Scriptalicious

HS Cover Option 3

I’ve read it about 58 times and I still don’t hate it. But then again, it is my baby, and what mom doesn’t think her kid is adorable?

Feel free to comment below or pop me an email at dl at with your thoughts. Or send icy smoke signals to the subarctic…whatever works best for you, I just want to know what you think.

It is time to dream, do, live and dream some more. AND send my your feedback!

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  1. The font of #1 with the layout of #2. Happy birthday!

  2. #2, but with the script tag line in white!

  3. I like the third one

  4. Yovella Glabella says

    What your friend “That Guy” said, I like that combination.
    Is it possible for the female drawing to have a little bit more to her body, specifically her arm, it’s looking a bit thin and maybe widen her body a little bit.

    Anyhow… those are just my thoughts. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  5. Jenna Schmidt says

    #2 but with the “10 things” script in white 🙂

  6. The third one is my favorite!

  7. I like Option 1 but I agree with Yovella that the girl is too thin. She’s built a bit too much like Barbie.

  8. I LOVE pretty in pink!
    Go für #1!

    But I don’t agree for the look of the girl – I think she’s just fine – for a book cover!

    …can’t wait!

  9. I”m liking the font of #1 but the colours of #2 (with the blue behind your name). 🙂 And it sounds like it’s going to be an awesome book! 🙂

  10. I like option #1

  11. I love #1 but whatever you pick will be right for you! Can’t wait to read it!

  12. I like the first one.

  13. I like #3

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