Soil of Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving.

Today is one of those days when I miss my family a lot. When I think about them and a happy/sad smile crosses my mouth.

I’m up here in the sub arctic and most of them are together, celebrating American Thanksgiving. Memories of being together and laughter fills my heart when I think about American Thanksgiving.

Despite it being American Thanksgiving, I am off to gym and work. Up here in Canada it is a normal day, but in my heart I am curled up on the couch reading a great book, chasing my nieces around the house while they scream with joy and peeling potatoes in the kitchen while the turkey cooks in the oven. Stretchy pants, games and good conversation over a cup of black coffee and a piece of pumpkin pie finish off the day.

Joy grows best in the soil of thanksgiving.
~ P. Callaway

Thanksgiving day can truly be every single day of your life.

Joyfulness comes from being diligent about being full of thanks and choosing your stance despite your circumstance.

joy 2Photo

When you give thankfulness away, more comes back and it brings with it joy.

So wherever you are continually give thanks and grow more joy in your life!

What will you be thankful for today?

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  1. This post sums up exactly what I’m feeling today! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. “choosing your stance despite your circumstance”

    I need to remind myself to do that every day! Thanks for the reminder, Donloree!

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