What is Bravery?

In my previous life, I managed a design firm.

I got to hang out with designers, developers and other artists who create amazing ‘somethings‘ out of literally nothing other than air, discipline and imagination. The community in Edmonton is quite diverse and interesting and I can’t help but hang out with them now and again.

I sneak back into the creative world now and again and they let me.

On friday, I hung out at Creative Mornings Edmonton.

Creative Mornings Yeg

Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for creative people.

Telling myself I too am creative and an artist in my own right keeps my head held high as I mingle and catch up with old and new creative friends.

The topic du jour was bravery.

The woman who was speaking, Catrin Owen, took up the challenge of speaking on bravery because by doing so was being brave.

Running into burning buildings, pulling someone out of a smashed up car and performing CPR or other heroic feats aren’t common day occurrences in my life. I have a feeling they aren’t in your’s either.

So what is bravery?

Catrin tackled the subject like a champ and left me with many an inspiring morsel to chew on.

  • Bravery is doing what you don’t have to do and standing up for your beliefs.
  • We are all deeply afraid of not knowing the answer and being ‘outed’.
  • Trust you have something to offer.
  • Choose possibilities instead of positions.
  • It is easy to be angry, miffed and offended. It takes hard work and courage to self edit and give the best, not the worst of ourselves.
  • Seeming brave by using words and phrases like “suiting up”, “last man standing”,” take no prisoners” and “I will not retreat or show signs of fear” and actually being brave are two different things.

For me, the one thing she said which resonates with me every single morning as I stare deeply into my soul while brushing my teeth was, “Bravery is showing myself, foibles and all, so others have the freedom to do the same. It is to to risk doing things which may make you feel like a fraud, but in fact it is when you are the most real.”

set you freePhoto

Instead of looking for ways to become super human, I need only to be fully human and live up to my potential despite the feelings of terror, anguish and fear which often accompanies deciding I am enough. That I can do what I said I would do.

  • Bravery and vulnerability work hand in hand, rarely are they found without the other close by.

What is the bravest thing you do every day?

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