Pushing Cars

A few days ago, my husband and I were driving home in the midst of rush hour on a main artery when we suddenly noticed the traffic in front of us slowing diverting to the left lane. A carmel colored car was slowly flashing its way long the lane with a man jogging next to it, pushing and trying to steer at the same time.

Alone in a sea of annoyed drivers, all too hurried to help.

I looked up from the emails on my phone as we coasted behind him and words came out of my mouth.

Oh no. His car is broken. He needs help. We should help.

Then I sat there like an idiot in my high heels and skirt, unsure as to what to do. Finally I rolled down the window and tried to lean out and around to get his attention.

Hello! Do you need help?

I am apparently the Queen of Obvious Questions.

Yes, of course he needs help. He is pushing a car by himself in the middle of rush hour and is nearly clipped by every third car rushing by.

My query was met with an, “I’m fine. Thanks though.”

As my husband and I looked at him, a declaration came out of my mouth. “He is not fine. He is ridiculous. The man needs help.”

It is hilarious how many thoughts can run through your head in 1.87 seconds.

  • He said he didn’t need help…do I still help?
  • I’m wearing heels, heels I like. How do I not lose them while pushing the car?
  • Do I ditch the shoes and push the car barefoot?
  • Do I switch to driving our car and have Jon help? I mean, what will the people driving by think of a woman in heels helping to push a car?

Before I knew what was happening I was running down the lane, shouting with arms waving.

Hello! You need help. I am helping. I can help you know. What do you want me to do?

The carmel colored car took off as two of us put some muscle behind it. It was good I got out there, heels and all, because there was a hill up to the final destination which one person couldn’t have pushed through alone.

It turns out this is a good high intensity calf and upper back workout.

It turns out this is a good high intensity calf and upper back workout.

We need each other.

Sometimes it isn’t a lot, just a few seconds of something that is easy for you to do but may take you out of your comfort zone. Your ‘not a lot’ can change a lot for someone else, but only if you give it.

We could have kept driving and let the societal rules about how men help push cars, not women in heels or listened to his first response when his circumstance said otherwise.

I was happy that I train hard at the gym as I panted from my sprint in heels while pushing a car up an incline. Merging back into traffic I laughed, happy with myself and full of joy from being able to help even if it looked ridiculous.

  • Do what you can and are able to do to help others.
  • Don’t take their word that they are ok.
  • Do what is in front of you.

What do you need to run towards helping with today? Even if you’re wearing heels?

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  1. ah! LOVE IT!
    way to get out there and keep the heels on!
    you never cease to amaze me!
    so many times in life,
    (more than I like to admit,)
    i play the man pushing the single car by himself!
    there have only been a handful of Donloree’s come across my path that give when circumstances, not myself, say. However, those are the moments that stay in my memory ,and remind me to pay it forward, and keep the chain of good deeds going!

    you rock!

  2. I look at this from the most basic angle: We have a responsibility, in my opinion, to be as strong as possible, so we can be there for our families, our friends, and our communities.

    This is a real value that I hold quite dear. Glad to see you live it…

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