Life is, well, gritty.

Yesterday I found myself having conversations in my head that I did not like or want to have.

Whenever I start practicing conversations, complaining to myself and choosing stay in the state of discouragement I know something is amiss.

I know I am in pain.

Distracting ourselves, rather than working through what is bothering us, is what most of us to to cope with pain and hurt. I do this more than I would like to admit.

  • Work
  • Events
  • iPhones, iPads, computers
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Alcohol
  • Food – restricting and purging
  • Sleep – none or too much
  • Over exercising

Everyone has pain in their life.


I don’t care who it is there is pain and hurt in everyone’s life at some level. It is part of life, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be dealt with or confronted.

Get to the grit.

Pain isn’t the problem, it points to the problem.

no grit, no pearlPhoto

We have all met people who have taken the grit of life and created something beautiful out of it. They have gone to the source of the discomfort, pain and unwanted circumstance and done something with it.

You can’t always help what happens to you but you can always help what happens what happens in you.
~ Kris Vallotton

How often do we compare our grit to other people’s pearls? More than we should. Instead of seeing what we don’t have, we should see what is possible and leave no place for jealousy and bitterness to creep into our souls.

Into my heart.

  • We all have grit, but we do not all have pearls…

Living with a clean and happy heart takes diligence, fierce determination and courage.

I want to create a life of pearls. What pearls are you creating?


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  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen my recent posts but I’m now dealing with the grit of cancer. I sure hope I can make some pearls out of this one!

  2. In my case I have a go to pearl; my daughter. When I’m effected by grit, which I allow hourly, I think of my pearl, and how she lives here life. I’m in awe, and suddenly my grit doesn’t seem so gritty.

    However when I think about the purpose of my grit, I always no there are lessons learned from experiencing it. At the end of day, I need my grit, as I still need to learn.

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