You Are A Fruit Loop

Do you feel the pressure to be original?

Oh good, I am not alone. There is this sense that everyone needs to strive to be different, to stand out or be the first.

In the quest to ‘be original’ most likely, if you are like me, you find yourself being just like someone else.

  • Why is that?

If you live under the premise that you are not original, then you have to go find someone who is to learn from them. And when you decide that you are anything but original, you start acting like someone you aren’t. You move away from who you were created to be and take on the persona of someone else, which just makes both of you rather boring.

Fruit LoopPhoto

You already are a Fruit Loop.

Stop trying to be original because you already are! Go back to the source, take off the assumption that you’re kind of boring as you are and rediscover your quirks, dreams, passions and gifts. It doesn’t matter how many amazing qualities you have, just that you use what you have well.

As soon as you start comparing yourself to someone else and hiding your uniqueness by trying to be like them in their originality all of your oranges, purples, reds and greens go away and you suddenly become a dull, cheerio brown colour.

  • Gift the world with YOU.

As a kid, one of the things I loved most about eating Fruit Loops was how it changed the colour of the milk when you ate them. Slurping back purply, blue milk after crunching down sugary Fruit Loops was the frosting on the cake.

When you’re yourself, you change the atmosphere around you and leave something awesome and colourful behind for others to continue to enjoy.

Who else is gonna be Fruit Loopy with me today?


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  1. Always fresh 🙂

    Love this.

  2. You know that I’m down!

  3. Tim Doherty says

    I’m up for being fruit-loopy. But the cereal itself makes me want to hurl. Bad childhood experience I think.

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