Running with the snails

A few weeks ago I was in America for a writer’s conference. Seattle, San Francisco, Redding, and back home to Edmonton.

For me, traveling isn’t an excuse to not train, eat well, or get up early to write.

In fact, my body wakes up whether I want to or not. Most of the time it is great because I want to get up, but when you went to bed only three hours earlier, more sleep would be appreciated.

It is possible I am one of the most annoying women on the planet to share a house with while traveling. My three roommates were very gracious to put up with my early morning disciplines.

I kept the wise words of my husband in the back of my mind as I tried to keep the commitments I’ve made to myself without disrupting the lives of my friends.

Don’t make everyone else stick to your schedule. You’re quite the outlier when it comes to the early morning activities.

I had planned to borrow the car keys so I could hit the YMCA early in the morning before the conference started in the morning. Somehow when we rolled in at 10:00 pm the night before, I forgot to ask for the keys. I contemplated running the 3 miles each way to lift weights, but realized I could make it work without a gym.

All you need is a great outfit, running shoes, and some big rocks.

Outdoor functional training and sprints in 85 degree weather at 6 am here I come!

Totally normal...right?

Totally normal…right?

While running, heaving rocks around, lunging, and doing push ups I scared a homeless man and saw something interesting.


On my fifth pushup, I realized the pebble a few feet from my left hand was moving very slowly.  To my surprise the pebbles were actually snails.

To be honest, snails kinda freak me out. Strange and slimy!

To be honest, snails kinda freak me out. Strange, slow, and slimy!

As I started to sprint again I realized there were snails everywhere. They were inching forward, completely unaware of the crazy Canadian running past them and nearly crushing them.

Respecting those around you is part of being successful in life.

While I ran sprints, I suddenly had to look where my foot was or was not going.

  • You get to be you.
  • You get to be amazing.
  • You get to run as fast as you possibly can.

You do not get to crush others while you do it.

Take time to notice others around you and live in such a way to create space for them to be who they are without fear of bring smooshed to death by your determination and drive.

We need each other, especially the snails.

How are you living with others? What room or space do you need to create in how you live?

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  1. Love this. I traveled recently too, and shared a hotel room with my ex-wife. It was our daughter’s graduation from college. My plan was to be in the hotel gym by 5am each day. Ex is a light sleeper. I just didn’t have it in me to wake her each morning, so I snuck my (few) workouts into the mid-day when I had less time. It was the best I could do, and I git the satisfaction of knowing my ex got her beauty sleep during a week when it really mattered to her.

    I do a lot of things wrong, but I have done divorce pretty well…

  2. I’m an army brat and when I was 5 we lived in California and all I can remember about that place was the snails. They were everywhere and my brother and I would kick them off the house all the time. Yuck!

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