I Quit Being Fat Today

It is Thursday, the day of quitting.

According to Bob Goff, you should quit something every Thursday. At least that is what he does. I just finished reading his book, Love Does, and I think he is right about a lot of things.


Especially the quitting part.

We do too much stuff and there are things we do which serve no one well, especially ourselves. Most mornings I have an internal conversation about the size of my body, how it looks, and what level of ‘fatness‘ I am currently at. My early morning assessment is less than helpful in my doing great things in the world.

Halfway through the mindless  judgement something stopped me.

Donloree – quit it. NOW.

I abruptly stopped the internal flogging and decided to just ‘not‘. Once I quit being fat, it gave me room to allow myself to be fit, healthy, beautiful, and fabulous.

Quitting feels great.

When you love yourself, there is more than enough love to go around. Today is the day I quit being fat and I couldn’t be happier.

If love does ‘stuff’, then why not do great things for yourself too? After all, if we are supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves, we better start with the fabulous person staring back at you in the mirror.

Go quit something!

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  1. LOVE!

  2. This post is coming to be at the right time. I’ve been feeling down and I need to snap out of it. I have to check this book out because it sounds like it has some pretty good ideas in there.

    Oh, congrats on the hard copy of your book!

  3. Excellent. I like the idea of quitting negative things. I work at this, but it’s so hard.

    Somebody asked me a while back, “Roy, why are you so hard on yourself…?”

    Sadly, my automatic response was, “Because somebody has to be…”

    Some much being raised, Jewish…

    • Unfortunately, I have heard myself give the exact same response. I am trying to quit negative things and replace them with awesome things…like telling strangers in the grocery store that they are awesome and why. It always lights them up. Love it.

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