Ovaries Only?

The other day while showering at the YMCA, I heard man voices from the pool filtering into the shower area while I was showering.

Honestly, it kinda freaked me out.

What if a man came in while I was showering?

The entrance is an open doorway with a couple bends in a short hallway which is supposed to keep the men out. It made me feel vulnerable, but I got over it.

  • After all, I live in Canada.

This morning my fear and the unknown fear of an oblivious man came true.

The sign which reads, ‘Women‘, that sits next to the open doorway was too generic, too overused for the man who wanted to get dressed after swimming at 7:45 this morning.

women locker roomPhoto

While wearing only a small towel that barely wraps all around my built-for-the-farm physique and blow drying my hair, I heard an odd noise over the hum of my dryer.

Looking to my left, I flipped my hair back and stood upright only to lock eyes with a strange man.

Men don’t belong in the women’s change room, just in case you were wondering.

My jaw dropped and he started sputtering.

Oh my gosh! Dear LORD, I am in the wrong room. Women. WOMEN!

He sprinted backwards in his flip flops and nearly took out a naked, 85 year old Chinese woman. He flinched, slipped, and almost fell over. She frowned and started yelling words that I understood the heart but not the sound of.

Maybe it is time to get a new sign on the open doorway. Perhaps ‘Ovaries Only‘ would be a better descriptor.

  • After all, most men are afraid of ovaries, right?

Today I am thankful for towels, even if they are small.

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  1. Yikes!
    Definitely, not good.
    Although, in the retelling, it did make me snicker because I could envision one the little, geriatric naked ladies in my locker room yelling and throwing something.


  2. having naked geriatric ladies all around the locker room at my gym is awkward enough,add in the mix of a male in the room? gah!i could only imagine! ikes!!!!

    oh and yes,the little old ladies at my gym would have no shame at throwing the guy out,or at least would cuss and throw their flip flops at him1…
    : )

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