Don’t Be a Bottomless Pit

This morning my eyes snapped open at 6:13 am.

The sun was already up which apparently cued my body to wake up since I usually get up at the same time or earlier than the sun. My body makes me crazy, even if I am tired and went to bed at midnight, it wakes up and tells me to get moving even when I am exhausted.

We have been experiencing a glorious start to spring, yet nothing was good at 6:13 am this morning. I glared at the birds, sun and cool morning breeze wafting through my window.

Glorious 'happy little' clouds.

I am not really sure how weather like this can be annoying…

Everything in the world, including me, was wrong. As I listened to my internal dialogue, I found myself grumbling.

Grumbling about everything.

  • Epic flooring project
  • Coffee wasn’t already made
  • Lack of sleep
  • How behind I am on my projects
  • My hair which needs to be dyed
  • Commitments which I was previously excited about
  • How I haven’t ‘arrived’ yet
  • Planning for my road trip to Cali for a conference
  • Overflowing email
  • Having to hand wash dishes

Grumbling begets more grumbling. Before I could say, ‘Shazam!’ everything was wrong and annoying. When I am in that perspective there is never enough. Nothing is good enough and everything is wrong.

Why is all about me?

I was annoying myself, which is a sure sign you are very annoying. Epically annoying. I was glad my gracious husband was still sleeping and I was alone with my horrible, no good, very bad self.

  • Instead of putting a lid on it, I found a bottom.

Yesterday my husband and father in law spent all day ripping up flooring and installing new flooring for me while I was at work. I have an amazingly comfortable bed, I have a job and clients which I adore, my grey hair has come with an amazing amount of life experience and wisdom, people want to talk with me and give things away to my readers on my blog, my fridge may be in my living room but it is full of food, I have running water, I am better today than yesterday, my dreams are bigger than me and are still coming one day at a time, and I have a husband who continually gives up his comfort to ensure I have mine.

When there is a bottom, you fill up. 

Suddenly there was more than enough. The chattering of the early morning birds became my morning soundtrack and in the process of filling up on gratitude and coffee the grumbles and complaints were pushed out in the overflow.

We either add or detract from the people in our lives.

Be a plus, not a minus.

We are supposed to take what we need and when there is more you have to give it away. Just like with food, when you consume too much you get bigger, and not in the ways you want to.

Managing the appetite of your heart is a daily process. What you consume today creates tomorrow’s standard.

Take what you needPhoto

Fill up on joy, gratitude, and love. Then find more and give it away faster than you can say ‘Shazam!’ because there are people out there who need it. There will be more tomorrow.

When you have a bottom, a standard, you create overflow.

What are you overflowing today?

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  1. Sable@SquatLikeALady says

    BOY OH MAN did I need to read this just now! Holy moley we must be on the same wavelength.

    THANK YOU! My behind is now in gear and I am filling up with the positives… my awesome dog, my apartment IN FLORIDA FOR GOODNESS SAKES, my move home in 2 weeks… 🙂

    • It is good to know I am not alone in my ridiculousness. Isn’t it great to see how much we actually have? Florida…you have me there though. 😉

  2. I’m overflowing with joy! I’m joyful that I went to church this morning, that I can move about and lift weights, that I have awesome friends, and great blogs like yours to remind me to be grateful!

  3. Needed. OH, and thank you.

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