Don’t Ask God To Help You Diet

Smaller pants here I come!

After staying at the same weight, give or take a pound or two, for the past two years I finally ready to slowly diet. I have the mental reserveto be hungry some of the time and to not let hanger get the best of me.

  • One change, one at a time.

My health has increased, I can tolerate more food and maintain my current weight, and I have a closet full of clothes I can’t wear. I am literally down to one pair of jeans and I refuse to buy another pair at this size.

The tipping point of my decision was the weather change. All but three pairs of my shorts cut the circulation off at my waist.

Lunches and dinners have been trimmed down, my morning post workout protein bar no longer has chocolate chips in it, and evening snacks aren’t eaten in an effort to get more energy to stay up later. I go to bed thinking I am hungry, but in actuality I am just exhausted.

Being hungry now and again isn’t going to kill me.

My first day of full out ‘dieting’ was today. My normal breakfast of cinnamon chocolate kasha with vanilla protein was consumed and then I hit the workout hard. It was back day and full of sumos, rows, lat pull downs, and high rows topped off by HIIT sprints; sweat was literally dripping off my elbows and eyebrows.

When I finished, I was one hungry superwoman.

Don’t ask me why, but I decided to pray about my new diet this morning.

Ok Jesus. I am ready to lose some weight. Let’s hit this diet hard, you and me. Are you in it with me? Help me to eat less and be satisfied with my portions and life. Dietloree here we come!

I’m pretty sure a stranger, more ridiculous prayer has yet to cross my lips.

Due to early morning meetings, I had to rush out of the gym and eat on the road.

My book, water bottle, and protein bar were shoved into my purse as I fled as quickly as possible in my heels down the YMCA corridor. I hopped in the car as my husband pulled up and immediately started chatting about the day to come. 15 minutes into the drive my stomach announced it’s empty state with a loud growl and I started to rummage around for my protein bar.

It was nowhere to be found.

Pens, lipgloss, book, water bottle, wallet, markers, journal, and earrings all appeared but my second breakfast did not.

Why does God answer my ridiculous prayers?

As I ran in heels, my protein bar must have fallen out of my purse. I have no doubt became a protein pancake within moments of it tumbling out of my purse and onto the busy street.

For the love of breakfast!

For the love of breakfast!

As I sat in my office hungry and somewhat annoyed, I remembered my silly prayer.

Guess what?

I didn’t die from hunger and had a great day, even though I was *gasp* a whole meal short.

Apparently my ‘stored fuel’ is coming in handy already.

  • Note to self: be more specific in the ridiculous prayers or ask for better things!
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  1. I always argue that being hungry is a good problem to have. Being slightly hungry most of the time, but never being excessively hungry any of the time is a good state to live in. Just my opinion.

    Oh, and I spoke to God about this on your behalf; she just told me you’ll figure it out on your own. #figure

    • I agree, a bit of hunger is more than ok. After all the fact that I even GET to diet is embarrassing when you look at the rest of the world. Such a rich person problem.

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