You Have One Job: Be Amazing

Yesterday I dropped into bed with swollen ankles, very sore feet, dream tan smudged all over my arms from hugging excited athletes, and a smile on my face. I was exhausted and very happy.

I love bodybuilding shows.

Helping people with the final push to make their dream come true is a privilege. It is an honor to serve and help people because when you do, suddenly you get to partner with and share in their story and success.

The morning show is fraught with anxiety, pep talks by your’s truly for the scared athletes right before they walk on stage, and last minute questions. I explained t-walks, where the marks were on the stage, and helped find bikini bite so many times it became something I could do without even thinking.

This is my perspective of nearly every INBF show.

This is my perspective of nearly every INBF show.

As the classes go on stage I find myself posing, smiling, and spreading my lats on every relaxed pose with each and every athlete. Do that for 100 athletes twice in a day and going to the gym is not required. Did I mention the amount of times I ran up and down the stairs looking for athletes?

During the break I crashed hard.

Totally normal to borrow a friend's hotel room for 1.5 hours, right?

Totally normal to borrow a friend’s hotel room for 1.5 hours, right?

My favorite part of a show is being able to speak life, encouragement, and hope into first time athletes. Walking on a fully lighted stage in the smallest suit you’ve ever put on in your life with hundreds of people watching is not easy, but it is amazing.

When your name is called, there is no more time to prepare. These athletes have done the work and their only job is not worry and just be themselves and be amazing.

Just be amazing.

When it is your time, whatever time that is, your moments of preparation to get you there all create something remarkable and when you just let go and be the magic happens.

We are supposed to make magic with our lives by doing small, seemingly insignificant things with our lives because there are moments, your moments, when you are called to show up.

Your job is to prepare for when your name is called.

remarkable or invisiblePhoto

Dream big and then chase your dreams with your whole heart. It doesn’t matter if your dream includes training like a mad woman, applying fake tan and gluing yourself into a small suit or not.

What matters most is that you dream.

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  1. Love it! I’m competing in my first show in 12 years this September. I’m already over it. The training has been fun. The eating, fairly simple thus far. The dreaming about winning — non-stop. Totally going to be anti-climatic the day of the show, but I am so enjoying the chase 😉

  2. love it!!!!!

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